China presents a superfast Maglev train that “can be moved with one hand” (VIDEO)

The train uses magnetic levitation technology with high-temperature superconductors and can reach a speed of 620 km / h.

In the Chinese city of Chengdu, Sichuan province, the prototype of a super fast magnetic levitation train was presented on Wednesday, informs Xinhua Agency.

He train type Maglev, developed by Southwest Jiaotong University jointly with China Railway Group Limited and CRRC Corporation Limited, can reach a speed of 620 kilometers per hour.

The event also featured a 165 meter rail line in length, where the train tests will be carried out, which uses magnetic levitation technology with high temperature superconductors (HTS).

“Fleet without electricity”

Compared with other magnetic levitation technologies, the HTS is more suitable for the futuristic concept of ultra-fast transport in vacuum tubes, like the system Hyperloop proposed by Tesla and SpaceX, where trains could reach speeds over 1,000 km / h, according to experts.

“HTS technology can make the train floats without electricity, and it can be moved with one hand, “says Deng Zigang, deputy director of the research center for high-speed magnetic levitation transport in low-pressure tubes at the university.

According to Xinhua, during the presentation a journalist managed to move the 12-ton, 21-meter long locomotive with a single finger.

For his part, Southwest Jiaotong University engineer Wu Zili estimates that the cost of the magnetic levitation system is slightly higher than that of other high-speed trains. However, the cost is expected to decrease if it were to mass produce its main components.

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