China threatens US: don’t punish us for Hong Kong! | Abroad

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US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien alluded to sanctions against China on Sunday that could result in Hong Kong losing its status as a financial center in the East Asian region. China threatens with countermeasures like the US taking sanctions.

A spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry said at a news conference that the US wants to compromise China’s national security and Beijing has recounted Washington’s threat to O’Brien.


The spokesman also said he regretted US sanctions against Chinese companies for treating the Muslim minority in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. What happens there is, according to the Chinese government, a domestic affair with which the Americans should not interfere.

The United States Department of Commerce announced sanctions against nine Chinese companies and institutions on Friday. They would be complicit in human rights violations such as repression, arbitrary arrests, forced labor and close surveillance of the Uyghur minority.


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