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[Epoch Times September 28, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporters Chang Chun and Ning Haizhong)HuaweiCompany chief financial officerMeng WanzhouexistCanadaHe was released and was taken back to China by a chartered flight by the CCP early in the morning of September 25. For a time, the authorities made a lot of “patriotic” propaganda on the matter. But on the 27th, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media began to stop broadcasting “Meng Wanzhou’s Triumphant Triumph.” Posts criticizing Meng Wanzhou began to appear in the hot search on Weibo. There are even speculations that because Meng Wanzhou left “stains” on the CCP, he might be punished after returning to China.

At noon on September 28, Beijing time, the Epoch Times reporters inquired about the CCP’s major official media and mainland portal websites, only to find that some websites such as NetEase hadMeng WanzhouRelated reports from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs mainly criticized the United States and Canada. More well-known websites, including The Paper and Caixin.com, did not mention Meng Wanzhou anymore. In mainland China where the “party manages the media,” this situation is suspected to be a collective action under the orders of the Central Propaganda Department.

According to public reports, Meng Wanzhou andAmericaThe court reached a settlement agreement in exchange for being released and returning to the country at the cost of paying a fine and admitting some “wrong conduct”.Meng Wanzhou signed a four-page “statement of facts”, fearing that it might become a target of the United StatesHuaweiStrong evidence.

Why did the CCP quickly cool down on the incident? How did observers analyze the subsequent fate of Meng Wanzhou and Huawei, and the CCP’s final gains and losses in the incident?

Lin Tinghui:AmericaOr put a long line to catch big fish

Lin Tinghui, deputy secretary-general of the Taiwan Society of International Law, analyzed to Epoch Times reporters that the U.S. court is the concept of deferred prosecution, and Meng Wanzhou should be regarded as pleading guilty.

He believes that Meng Wanzhou is just a pawn. Between China and the United States, the United States is actually targeting Huawei, not Meng Wanzhou personally. If the United States had considerable evidence, it would be easy in principle to extradite Meng Wanzhou to the United States to hear the case. Maybe the United States now has a bit of a long line to catch big fish.

Lin Tinghui, who is also an assistant professor in the Department of Marine Police at Central Police University in Taiwan, explained that if the case was deadlocked in the process, the evidence was insufficient to convict her completely, or that her sentence was not enough to match her sentence. If the crimes committed are proportional, then this type of delayed prosecution is usually used temporarily or the offender is released first, and then more evidence can be obtained through the process of handling the case.

He believes that, in fact, the most important target of the United States is Huawei, not Meng Wanzhou. But Meng Wanzhou is a line, enough to make Huawei dumped or bankrupted in the international community as a whole. Meng Wanzhou was sent back to China first, and more evidence of Huawei’s crimes was still being collected.

Lin Tinghui also said that because Meng Wanzhou was inCanadaWith real estate, she took a Canadian residence permit, China’s Little Pink or the Fifty Cents, it’s ridiculous to admire such a person.

He believes that as Meng Wanzhou, who has the right of abode in Canada, in principle, she can stay in Canada and wait for trial, but when she ran back to China, she felt a little guilty. In fact, it was a bit like absconding in fear of crime.

Lai Jianping: Meng Wanzhou, Huawei, and the CCP are the biggest losers

Lai Jianping, a Master of International Law from the China University of Political Science and Law who lives in Canada, also analyzed two points for Epoch Times. One is that the nature of the agreement reached by the United States and Meng Wanzhou is an agreement to defer prosecution. It is not an agreement not to prosecute or to close the case. Not an acquittal agreement. Second, although Meng Wanzhou did not admit the charges, she admitted almost all the facts of fraud, and she confirmed the facts and crimes of her and Huawei defrauding the bank.

In this game, Lai Jianping believes that Canada is the biggest winner and the CCP is the biggest loser.

He stated that the United States withdrew its request for extradition against Canada because of this deferred prosecution agreement. Then Canada dismissed the case based on the request of the United States and released the person. This means that Canada has maintained an image of the rule of law, demonstrated its judicial independence, and exchanged two hostages of global concern, gained national recognition, and consolidated the strategic alliance between the United States and Canada. So Canada is the biggest winner.

On the other hand, for the United States, it adopted a postponement strategy of arresting and releasing Cao, and obtained substantive evidence that the defendant could not go back. This sword of Damocles can be dropped at any time, and criminal proceedings can be resumed, and Huawei and even Meng Wanzhou’s personal guilt can be held. Huge fines can be collected at any time, and even benefit from more sanctions.

The United States has also successfully played the role of a responsible big brother, restoring or consolidating the image of the United States and its position among allies to some extent. So the United States is also a winner.

As for the Chinese Communist Party, Lai Jianping said that Meng Wanzhou and Huawei are losers. Acknowledgment of behavior and facts is equivalent to confession of guilt. Because the general legal principle is like this.

This means that although Meng Wanzhou has returned to China, she has only gained a limited amount of freedom. The United States can resume criminal proceedings at any time and can order Meng Wanzhou to appear in court in the United States. Or if the U.S. judicial organs and courts deem it unnecessary, they can also conduct a trial in absentia.

If Meng Wanzhou does not appear in court, or even after the trial, if it is said that Meng Wanzhou is going to serve her sentence in the United States, and Meng Wanzhou cannot resist, and she refuses the order of the United States court, then the United States can actually apply to hundreds of countries around the world. Apply for extradition.

Unless Meng Wanzhou never enters the United States or does not have an extradition treaty or relationship with the United States. She will be very thrilling and terrified to go abroad in the future.

Lai Jianping said that from this perspective, although Meng Wanzhou received some cheap populist praise, she was actually still a loser.

And Huawei is also a big loser, because Meng Wanzhou admitted these facts, and the behaviors that he acknowledged actually confirmed the criminal fact that Huawei defrauded the bank. Then Huawei faces huge fines at any time, and various sanctions may be imposed.

Lai Jianping believes that the biggest loser is the CCP, although it has stirred up a very patriotic and nationalist sentiment for a while. It seems that the personal authority of the leader in the country has been strengthened for a while. However, the nature of this regime is clear and the hostage diplomacy is fully exposed. This will shock the world, make the country’s image worse, the space for international exchanges will be shortened, anti-communist sentiment will generally increase, and foreign investment will accelerate the withdrawal of foreign capital from China.

Lin Tinghui also believes that the CCP is the biggest loser in the Meng Wanzhou incident. Because the incident revealed that China’s wealthy people are not loyal to the regime and have obtained so many rights in Canada, including citizenship and property rights. This is a very ridiculous thing. Also, after the Meng Wanzhou incident, Huawei was beaten up by the United States very miserably, and its future business expansion was further hindered. And because of the Huawei incident, China was affected by the cut in semiconductor and wafer supply. The biggest loser should be Beijing.

He said that Chinese companies may be involved in plagiarizing American technology at all levels, or have practices that do not comply with international norms. After the CCP joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), it did not abide by this international norm in the international community.

A press release issued by the U.S. Department of Justice on the 24th stated that “Meng Wanzhou had already assumed responsibility for her main role in implementing the plan to defraud global financial institutions when signing the deferred prosecution agreement.” According to the BBC report, the U.S. Department of Justice Repeatedly emphasized that Meng Wanzhou has pleaded guilty and will continue to investigate Huawei.

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