China’s wheelchair curling team is closed for training and expects to achieve better results

Team member Yan Zhuo Zhang Tong overcomes difficulties and persists in training coach Li Jianrui said that the Chinese team still has the ability to win the championship
China Wheelchair Curling Team Closed Training, Looking Forward to Another Success

The pace of the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Winter Games is approaching. The Chinese National Wheelchair Curling Team is currently actively preparing for the wheelchair curling training hall of the National Disabled Ice Sports Training Hall. For a common goal, the coaching staff and the players began to race against time. In the new Olympic cycle, the Chinese wheelchair curling team is looking forward to another success.

Entering the wheelchair curling training hall of the National Disabled Ice Sports Training Hall, the 12 members of the Chinese wheelchair curling team are undergoing group confrontation and throwing training. They have been training here for several months in preparation for the 2022 Winter Paralympics. . On March 4, 2022, the Beijing Winter Paralympics will kick off, and the team members are determined to make history again at their doorstep. Countless days and nights of training are only for the five-star red flag to rise in the “Ice Cube”.


Yan Zhuo: Looking forward to fighting for more glory for the motherland

Stepping into the wheelchair curling training hall, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found that a banner on the wall was particularly conspicuous: “Pyeongchang winning the championship has become history and rushing to Beijing from scratch.” Yan Zhuo, a Beijing girl, has a particularly profound interpretation of these 16 words. She said: “I will never forget this beautiful and unforgettable moment. On March 22, 2019, at the Scottish Wheelchair Curling World Championships, after 13 arduous and extraordinary games. During the game, my teammates and I won the championship for the Chinese team. We cheered together and shed tears of excitement and happiness.”

Yan Zhuo was diagnosed with spina bifida from the time she was born, and her legs could not walk, but her cruel fate did not stop her from pursuing her dream. During college, by chance, she was selected for the Beijing wheelchair archery team and won the individual bronze medal in the archery event of the World Wheelchair Competition. Due to the adjustment of the archery competition rules, the project has no advantage. On November 1, 2016, Yan Zhuo officially joined the Beijing wheelchair curling team. Yan Zhuo said, “When I first started using curling, I didn’t think it was that difficult, but when I got started, I realized that it’s not as simple as I thought. It takes a long time to practice a spin-adding movement, and then I have to consider controlling power and adapt The problems of venue and teammates, seemingly simple projects, only found that the technical requirements are quite high and the difficulty is not small.”

Wheelchair curling has higher requirements for athletes’ upper limb strength. In order to improve the core strength of the upper limbs, Yan Zhuo conducts ice training and physical training almost every day. Yan Zhuo said: “During ice training, in order to train diligently and reduce the frequency of going to the toilet, I always seldom drink water, and sometimes I always hold back urine and insist on training. Over time, I have severe hydronephrosis. “

In the selection of players for the 2019 Wheelchair Curling World Championships, Yan Zhuo was selected for the national training team with the highest success rate of female players and participated in a one-month training team. In the end, she and her teammates represented the Chinese team and won the gold medal. .

This year, Yan Zhuo was once again selected for the national training team. With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Winter Games approaching, Yan Zhuo also has new goals. “The’small goal’ now is to win the list of five people for the Paralympic Winter Games, hoping that he can fight for more for the motherland. Much glory.”

Zhang Tong: Thinking of the difficulties of the Winter Paralympics, all kinds of difficulties can be overcome

Zhang Tong is the only woman among the three Hebei athletes on the wheelchair curling national training team. Due to the late contact with wheelchair curling, she will be more strict with herself in training and life. Zhang Tong said: “After being injured, I was autistic for a long time. When I decided to go out of the house, I had an opportunity to come into contact with curling and enter the provincial curling team through various selections. Now I have been selected as a national training team. , More and more confident.”

Putting on professional equipment and finishing warm-up preparations, Zhang Tong and 11 members of the National Wheelchair Curling Team entered the curling training hall and started a new day of training. In order to make up for his lack of endurance, after a large amount of exercise during the day, Zhang Tong also pressurized himself and continued to push the wheelchair round and round at night. Long-term closed training sessions will inevitably feel boring and exhausted. Zhang Tong said frankly, “Due to the epidemic, fully closed training occasionally feels a little boring. The coach will arrange for training content and format more abundantly, and at the same time do a lot of psychological work. In fact, every time you think of the ambitious goal of the Winter Paralympics, all kinds of difficulties can be overcome.”

The preparations for the Chinese Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Army have entered the sprint stage. Zhang Tong’s next goal is to play in the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Winter Games. “I have been selected for the national team. I believe that everyone has the same goal. In the future, we must go all out to train, strive to be included in the competition list, and win honor for the motherland.” She said.


Li Jianrui: We have the ability to hit the world championship

Wheelchair curling was included in the Paralympic Winter Games in 2006 and is one of the Paralympic ice events. The Beijing Winter Paralympic Games wheelchair curling will have a gold medal for men and women. The competition was held at the National Swimming Center of the Beijing Division. A total of 12 teams participated. The Chinese wheelchair curling team has a total of 12 people from Heilongjiang, Beijing, Hebei, Jilin and Jiangsu. Li Jianrui, the head coach of the Chinese wheelchair curling team, said in an interview with a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily that at this stage the team mainly focuses on physical training. Since the start of the training camp, this team has been training on the ground, only for the ice and snow next winter. Grand event.

Li Jianrui has been coaching the National Wheelchair Curling Team since 2007 and is one of the first coaches in China to engage in the disabled curling event. Prior to the Pyeongchang Paralympic Games, his wheelchair curling team won eighth place in the 2009 Vancouver Wheelchair Curling World Championships, third place in the 2012 South Korea Wheelchair Curling World Championships, and the 2014 Sochi Winter Paralympic Games. Four results. At the 2018 Pyeongchang Paralympic Winter Games, he led the wheelchair curling team to win the gold medal, achieving a breakthrough in my country’s Paralympic Winter Games gold medal and medal zero. Li Jianrui recalled: “I was still very excited when I recalled winning the championship at that time. At that moment, I cried, and there were ups and downs in my tears. Recalling the past, the experience is like a movie, playing in my mind.”

There are many differences between wheelchair curling and curling. The domestic teaching and training is completely blank. Excluding training, Li Jianrui spent the rest of his time on learning, researching curling, improving and perfecting skills and tactics. When the team was first formed, the conditions were very difficult. There were no professional curling venues for training, so they practiced on ice hockey and trick venues. “In order to spend more time on the ice, we have a good relationship with the management staff of the venue. We go early for a while and go for a while late. We have tried various methods to ensure the normal progress of training.” Li Jianrui said.

Compared with the hardship of training, it is more challenging to make players understand and use the tactical thinking of curling. Li Jianrui said: “It took me about 3 to 5 months for my team members to accept the tactical thinking of sound curling. After that, it took more than 7 years for the players to grasp the difference between wheelchair curling and sound curling. After the ice was off the next night, we also spent at least two hours explaining the tactics to the players. We will explain the content that a healthy person can understand twice, and we will repeat it countless times until we understand and can use it. In this way, in the accumulation of time, we have the direction The ability and foundation for world champion impact.”

Li Jianrui sent a circle of friends with excitement when the wheelchair curling training hall of the National Disabled Ice Sports Competition Training Hall was completed. He wrote: “At this moment, I just want to say: I can finally think about when to practice, when to practice, how long and how long I want to practice!”

For more than ten years, Li Jianrui has devoted himself to the coaching career of wheelchair curling. For the players, he cared and loved, but for his family, he owed too much. “Family encouragement and understanding are very important. This is also my biggest motivation. As long as I have goals and beliefs, I must persevere. I will lead the team members to continue their efforts and strive to achieve better results.” Li Jianrui said.

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