Chinese Combat Jets Travel 10 Hours Above South China Sea


BEIJING – Some fighter jets China roam above South China Sea for ten hours amid the tension heats up United States of America (US). Su-30 armed fighter jets are among the maneuvered planes.

Chinese state media reported what Beijing described as military exercises on Tuesday (4/8/2020). During the long hours of maneuvering, one plane was sent to warn other planes.

Haike News, a news application operated by People’s Daily– Chinese Communist Party funnel — mem-posting video that says the Southern Theater Command sent a variety of aircraft, including Su-30 fighter planes and an aircraft tanker refueling to Subi Reef, atoll South China Sea which expanded into an artificial island.

According to the information in the video, the exercise lasted more than 10 hours and also involved refueling in the air. Nevertheless, the media did not reveal when the maneuver was taking place. (Read: China replies Pompeo: South China Sea Not the US Hawaii)

“Our goal is not to push limits or break records. “All of our training is aimed at (preparing for) the actual battle,” the state media said South China Morning Post, Wednesday (5/8/2020).

Subi Reef, in the Spratly Islands, is operated by China but it is also claimed by self-governing Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan – which Beijing considers its rebellious province.

In the second video released by Haike News on Tuesday, a Chinese Air Force pilot warned other aircraft to enter “Chinese territorial airspace”.

“Go immediately! Otherwise you will be intercepted,” said the pilot.

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