Chiquis Rivera is captured in Tulum in nature and like never before

Some days ago, Chiquis Rivera surprised all his followers by publishing a series of photographs in which he took the opportunity to show off her figure, images in which the singer left her rear uncovered.

And although in these postcards the body of Jenni Rivera’s daughter looks imposing and with a smooth and smooth skin, it seems that things are not as everyone thinks, at least that is how her haters make it known.

The Grosby Group

HAVE YOU SEEN IT? Chiquis Rivera turns his back and leaves his rear in the air

Turns out now A paparazzi managed to capture the member of the Rivera dynasty, while she was enjoying herself on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico, where the still wife of Lorenzo Méndez looked one hundred percent natural and without filters.

The Grosby Group

In the images you can see the artist taking a dip in the sea, wearing a tiny red bikini, which barely covered what was necessary, images that are causing a stir.

The Grosby Group / Instagram / Chiquis Rivera

DID YOU DISCOVER IT? Chiquis Rivera: Not even her little dance prevented them from suspecting that she is pregnant

And it is that the artist, in the purest style of the Kardashian, He did not forget to splurge style even with sunglasses, but what is attracting the most attention is that many were able to observe how his body looks without retouching or tricks.


WHAT DID HE SAY? Chiquis releases indirect after Lorenzo Méndez airing a photo of her

The way Chiquis lets herself be washed by the waves, Plus her tiny swimsuit, they caught the eye and although this time she was exposed, she seems very proud of her anatomy, it does not matter that in reality, it does not look like in her Instagram photos, at least, that’s what many say , so they reacted with some criticism when they saw their photos, ah, how fixed they came out!


Mr. Tempo, did you use Chiquis Rivera for publicity?

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