Chivas: José Juan Macías says he laughs at the criticism

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Mexico City / 05.03.2020 20:25:57


José Juan Macías Do not get caught up in controversies towards your person. The striker of Sacred Flock He referred to the criticism he received last weekend for kissing the shield of Guadalajara, when months ago he had done the same with the emblem of Lion; Before this, the scorer assured that what is said about him makes him laugh.

“As long as they talk, keep talking, they give me a free rating. It’s not just me, it’s Chivas, I understand perfectly that they criticize me. I even laugh”, Said the battering ram in an interview with TUDN.

Macías acknowledged that for the fans the duel before Atlas It has a special flavor, although he only visualizes it as a key match to add three points that allow them keep climbing rungs in the general table.

“They will always remember the latest classic and it’s special, but even there. I would not like to give it so much importance. I understand it for the fans, people make an effort and there is a lot of responsibility on our part. It is already something very deep and we who are from the quarry know what it is to face Atlas, “he added.

Finally, the gunner explained that his end as a player of Sacred Flock is to lift the championship and not be the scorer of the team.

I’m more interested in being a champion with Chivas than being a champion. If I don’t score goals but I help to qualify and we remain champions with my goal, that’s worth more. All I want is to be champion with Chivas, “he finished.


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