Chivas or America? Jürgen Damm’s incredible response

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Monterrey, NL / 07.02.2021 02:06:19

Jürgen Damm has proven to be a crack in the Tik Tok, and this time he used his wit to joke with the Chivas and América fans.

And is that the former Tigres player recorded a video where I would answer a fan’s question, which team would you prefer to play on, and America or Chivas and according to Damm, he responded.

“They have asked me this question a lot and the answer is quite easy, of these two teams I would play first in …”, in that, Damm included a filter in which it appears that the video was inhibited and when he reacts, he only dismisses, leaving the same doubt to the fans.

In another video, Damm also talked about Tigers before Palm Trees, pointing out that The feline club will make history by being the first Mexican in a final of the Club World Cup after beating this Brazilian team; so too, what Tom Brady will win one more trophy Super Bowl.

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Reply @ jorge.ruiz11 Tomorrow the winning duo of the shirt, shoes and training shirt will be chosen, they still have time to participate


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