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Many people’s childhood memories “Chocobo GP” was released on the recent Nintendo Direct surprise, today (30) developer Square Enix released further information.

This game contains a variety of gameplay methods such as custom schedules and elimination-style survival racing. And support Nintendo Switch Online online up to 8 people to play in the same field.


During the racing process, as long as you touch the magic egg set on the track, you can get the magic stone, and use the magic stone to activate various effects that make the racing more beneficial. Like the magic in the “FF” series, there are three levels of magic stones. Collecting the same magic stones can exert more powerful effects.

This time the official also released itThe flame type that shoots a fireball toward the front, and the splash type that sets water-type obstacles on the track, so that the hit opponent will encounter a big impact after a period of timeThe “declaration of death” and the “magic shield” that can withstand a magic stone attack.





In addition, just like the previous game, each character has its own special abilities. This is a unique nirvana for each character and can exert a more powerful effect than the magic stone. Use in key scenes to have a chance to overtake the opponent in one fell swoop.


“Chocobo GP” is expected to be exclusively launched on Nintendo Switch in 2022. It supports Japanese or English voices, as well as traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, and English subtitles.

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