Chocobo GP shows up in new gameplays with different tracks and mechanics

Chocobo GP, the title of kart racing presented during the Nintendo Direct from last week, shown in new and extensive gameplays by various Japanese media (it goes Gematsu). The Square Enix video game inspired by the legendary creatures that we can find in the saga Final Fantasy debut so exclusive to Nintendo Switch at some indeterminate time in 2022 and its development appears to be well advanced, as new developments show a considerably polished appearance.

A new look at mechanics like skidding or objects

Chocobo GP allow us to participate in a generous selection of tournaments that will take place in colorful circuits inspired by the world of Final Fantasy. As in Mario Kart, which seems to be his clearest reference, the gameplay will consist of being the fastest on the track and reaching the finish line before our rivals. In addition to power drift to better follow the course of the curves and thus gain some momentum in front of the other corridors, the tracks will have several Magic Eggs scattered around the stage, which will contain different objects.

Some of the objects we are talking about, known as magicite, allow the use of temporary skills that are, again, somewhat similar to those that we can find in Mario Kart. For example, a specific object allows us run at a higher speed while we are invincible to the objects of other runners. We will also have protective shields, although the differentiating feature of this title compared to other similar ones is the use of unique Final Fantasy Like the Fire or Aero spells to use against rivals.

As I already we detail in its presentation, the racing game include several game modes and allow you to compete against others 64 players in tournaments locally or online. For the rest, it will be necessary to see how this late heir of Chocobo Racing, the 1999 PlayStation title.


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