Chocobo GP: Switch exclusive modes, characters and release date specified in video, free Lite version announced

After Chocobo Racing, it’s a Chocobo GP that Square Enix preparing to seduce lovers of Final Fantasy and of Mario Kart-like. Announced exclusively for the Nintendo Switch last September, he returns to the front of the track with a trailer of gameplay, and key information.

The video allows us to appreciate pieces of circuit behind drivers of the caliber of I can or Black Magus, the Magilithes to be used to disturb our adversaries, and especially the different modes of experience. There will be a Story with races linked by dialogues and a customizable vehicle, a good opportunity to unlock tracks and characters. And we will also be able to face each other in Series Races to be the best on 4 courses, in Against the watch facing the ghosts of other players, Custom Races locally as well as online and even in Chocobo GP. This tournament involving up to 64 players will allow you to obtain beautiful cosmetic rewards, which will vary according to a system of seasons.

So we know almost all of this Chocobo GP, including its release date. She has just been wedged until March 10, 2022, for the moment only on Switch therefore.

Update : Square Enix just broadcast a statement with numerous images, revealing the Fire Magiliths, Water, Aero, Lightning, Blizzard, Destruction, M barrier, Haste and Exchange, as well as vehicle categories Standard, Speed and Adhesion, and even the roster, maybe still incomplete (thank you Finaland).


  • Chocobo
  • skip
  • Camilla
  • Well
  • Clair
  • Racing Hero X
  • Cid
  • Shirma
  • Irma
  • Ifrit
  • Shiva
  • Titan
  • Gilgamesh
  • Bibi
  • Steiner
  • earth trance

And above all, the publisher announces that a Chocobo GP Lite in free-to-play will be available on the same date, to sample the experience for free.

With Chocobo GP Lite, pilots can experience the story mode prologue in single player version, and can participate in local or online multiplayer races * for eight, if these are organized by someone with the full game. Chocobo GP Lite players can also test the supercharged tournaments for 64 pilots in Chocobo GP mode. Finally, save data can be transferred from Chocobo GP Lite to the full version of the game, so that everyone can keep bonuses and items for an absolute mechanical adventure.

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