Chris Paul, a story marred by injuries …

At 36, Chris Paul remains one of the best pointers in the NBA. In his post, the Phoenix Suns player has been a reference for more than 10 years. Without the slightest possible doubt, he will integrate, after his career, the Hall of Fame.

And yet, he never made it to the NBA Finals. And yet, on several occasions, he was very close to passing this milestone. But fate often opposed him. Well, especially his body in reality.

In 2015, the Clippers lost the thread after his hamstring injury. 2016, he suffers from a broken hand. 2017, he avoids injuries … but the Clippers lose Blake Griffin on a broken foot. Then in 2018, the Houston Rockets are on the verge of eliminating the Golden State Warriors in the Finals in the West, CP3 still injured his hamstrings.

Chris Paul much too diminished …

At the Suns, we hoped the end of this curse. Throughout the season, the veteran has also been spared physical problems. The franchise results were excellent with a nice 2nd place in the West. And while battling the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round was a huge challenge, Phoenix was ready to respond.

On Game 1 moreover, the franchise of Arizona, with an aggressive face, announced the color by beating the reigning NBA champions (99-90). But paradoxically, in this game, the Suns probably lost the rest of the series.

Why such pessimism? Because CP3 was injured of course. Hit in the shoulder, he has been clenching his teeth ever since. But despite some flashes of light, the former Clippers is clearly diminished. Already limited on Game 2 lost by his team (102-109), he was still in the hard last night on Game 3 (95-109).

The result ? 7 3/8 points on shots, 6 assists for 2 lost balls in 27 minutes. And above all, after the break, the visual impression was terrible with 0 points in 8 minutes and severe pain following contact with Cameron Payne.

“It’s like this: you control what you can control. I know what it takes on a daily basis to prepare myself and be ready to play. When things happen, they happen. You have to overcome them and get out of it.” , relativized Chris Paul facing the media.

Without saying that the Suns had the weapons to take out the Lakers, they clearly had the means to compete. Especially with Angelenos still feverish over recent injuries toAnthony Davis and of LeBron James. But with a diminished Paul, the situation has changed …

Chris Paul, it’s starting to smell bad …

A cruel fate to put into perspective

With this history, we can say that Chris Paul is still a hell of a fish! In the past, one can seriously wonder if his injuries did not prevent him from winning a ring. Reaching the NBA Finals is obvious with the Warriors episode in 2018.

On these Playoffs, with the Suns, a nice run remained difficult. The Lakers in the first round, the Denver Nuggets or the Portland Trail Blazers then, the course was very tough. But with a full team, Phoenix could dream.

A cruel fate ultimately for CP3? We can think so. But his coach Monty Williams wanted to put it into perspective.

“I’m probably not the guy to talk to about cruel things. Cruelty, I know what it is so this is just basketball,” Williams replied, referring to the death of his former wife in a car accident in 2016.

“I know how badly he wants to win, but in the end he gets paid to do this job, he has a wonderful wife and kids with a Hall of Fame career. He’s always handled these things well (injuries, editor’s note), and I have no doubt that Chris will come out stronger and better.

But what we are going through right now is not the worst thing in the world. Now, in terms of his career and his legacy, it’s difficult, and I understand that. Being where he is and how he’s played for us, and not being able to play at the top level, it’s tough.

But Chris is mentally strong – he will be able to handle it and help us in the right way. “

There is indeed more to life than a shoulder injury in the Playoffs. But on the scale of an NBA career, Chris Paul was still penalized by his physical glitches. Once again this year, this shoulder problem certainly deprived him of a great adventure. At least one magnificent battle against the Lakers …

Chris Paul overtakes Magic, how many leaders in history are stronger than him?

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