Christian Perronne: is there any fake news that he did not commit?

The leader in alternative theories on Covid-19 is back in bookstores. After the success of Was there a mistake they didn’t make?, Christian Perronne publishes Decidedly, they still haven’t understood anything (Albin Michel). On the cover, the “they” – meaning “authorities” or “elites” – is again highlighted in red. In times of pandemic, denouncing supposed state lies as the influence of “Big pharma” turns out to be a remunerative activity. With nearly 100,000 copies sold for his first burnt (90,000 in large format and 10,000 in pocket according to Edistat), the infectious disease specialist is far, very far ahead of his colleagues. Even the star Didier Raoult sold “only” 50,000 copies of his Epidemics: real dangers and false alarms (Michel Lafon). A scientist much less anti-system like Karine Lacombe must be satisfied with 10 000 copies for her comic strip The doctor (Stock).

Paraphrasing Guy Béart, the banner of the book announces the color: “He who speaks the truth must be executed”. At the start of the test, Christian Perronne went so far as to compare his situation to that of Chinese whistleblowers like Ai Fen or Li Wenliang. We pinch each other. For several years now, Professor Perronne, who once held honors and institutional functions, had been marginalized among infectious disease specialists following his heterodox positions on Lyme disease. In The truth about Lyme disease (2017), he even suggested that a Nazi veterinarian, Erich Traub, was behind a secret US military experiment on ticks used as biological weapons. A scenario worthy of James Bond, but not based on on no fact. The Covid epidemic will have exposed Christian Perronne’s penchant for pseudo-scientific and even conspiratorial theories. He was notably one of the main characters of the conspiracy documentary Hold-Up. On December 17, the public assistance hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) ended his duties as head of the infectious and tropical diseases department at the Raymond-Poincaré hospital in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine) for “comments considered as unworthy of the function he exercises “. The sanction is in addition to the multiple complaints filed against him with the National Council of the Order of Physicians.

“In Hold Up, he is only an interviewed witness, and not the originator of the documentary. Considering what he says there, there is nothing to bring to trial in public. At Albin Michel, we may not agree with some of his positions, but we are determined to carry his book. Because the stake, it is to make live the freedom of expression, which today is not an easy one “, one pleads on the side of his publisher, who rejects the label” conspirator “of more in addition associated with Christian Perronne (“the new word to demonize people who have divergent opinions”). The editor also emphasizes that “overnight, Christian Perronne lost his position as head of department in questionable circumstances. The AP-HP commission handed down a harsh verdict. But it should be noted that he is still a doctor, and practices in Garches. His file is examined by the Council of the Order of Physicians. Many journalists believe he was struck off. But it was cleared by the Council of the Order at the first departmental level, and the case is now at the national level. There is a noticeable discomfort “.

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An article from Spiegel hijacked

In Decidedly, they still haven’t understood anything, Christian Perronne proves once again that medical populism is very fluctuating. The man can thus, in the same book, reproach the public authorities for having killed thousands of people by not allowing hydroxychloroquine to be prescribed, and a few pages later minimize the epidemic threat by ensuring that the Covid would be a godsend for the pharmaceutical industry as for a State which would seek to “terrorize” its population in order to “extend its powers”. The important thing is to be constant in your criticism of the system.

Christian Perronne reiterates his theory according to which the RNA vaccine is a “gene therapy”. He quotes a note from the anti-GMO Criigen association, which multiplies blatant misinformation. For the infectious disease specialist, France would have done better to imitate Madagascar, a country whose president, Andry Rajoelina, preferred to promote the miracle herbal tea “Covid Organic” without any scientific basis and against the advice of the WHO, rather than launch a vaccination campaign. Except that after several weeks of procrastination, the country finally resolved to vaccinate. On March 20, Amnesty International notably denounced a violation of the rights of Malagasy people to benefit from the best possible care.

A chapter is devoted to “treatments that work”. In the first place, of course, hydroxychloroquine, in which even its most fervent supporters hardly seem to believe any longer. For his demonstration, Christian Peronne does not hesitate to refer to Spiegel, weekly reference which, according to him, would have revealed “that Germany has divided its death toll by four, because there the doctors treat with hydroxychloroquine”. A fake news launched on the complosphere last December. Titled “German doctors overwhelmingly prescribed anti-malarial drugs”, article from Spiegel in question was content to indicate that the number of prescriptions of hydroxychloroquine had, across the Rhine, exploded in March 2020, until May. Journalist Martin U. Müller established no link between the antimalarial drug and death figures in Germany, let alone those in France.

Christian Perronne advances his own figures which would be “implacable”: “Senegal has 8 deaths per million inhabitants, Greece 18 deaths per million, against 1255 for France – 1255, remember this figure – when we are forbidden to d ‘use Plaquenil and not them? Who was moved by these figures? ” Except that, as epidemiologist Dominique Costagliola reminds us, these crude international comparisons make no sense, when many factors come into play, such as the force with which a country is struck by the epidemic, the density or the age of the population.

Traditional Chinese or Prophetic Medicine

The pamphlet boasts of other miracle products, such as ivermectin, which is not recommended by the WHO. As in the case of hydroxychloroquine, the craze on social networks for this antiparasitic began following a study showing an effect in vitro. But the clinical efficacy of iverrmectin has never been demonstrated. As for hydroxychloroquine, Christian Perronne assures us that the medical authorities, under the influence of pharmaceutical companies, would have done everything to discredit cheap remedies in favor of much more expensive drugs, starting with Remdesivir. And it does not matter that this Gilead antiviral has been discouraged by the WHO since November, or that in France, infectious disease specialists have been expressing their skepticism for months …

Against Covid, Christian Perronne also defends an old personal marotte, Artemisia, a plant that is featured in traditional Chinese medicine and is the basis of the “Covid Organic” promoted by the Malagasy president. Except that the author forgets to specify in the book that the two articles on Artemisia that he had co-signed and published in 2018 and 2019 in the medical journal Phytomedicine were retracted last August. Supposed to demonstrate the effectiveness of Artemisia herbal tea for malaria and bilharzia, these studies were withdrawn due to “concerns” about “the reliability of the data included”. For months, methodologists as infectiologists had castigated “obviously fraudulent” articles.

Another interesting avenue according to Professor Perronne: black seed oil, a traditional remedy promoted by Muslim prophetic medicine. A product which, during this epidemic, was the subject of fake news in the Islamosphere …

Reassuring nostradamus

The book also assures us that the government is lying to us about the effectiveness of the containment. For this, Christian Perronne relies on reassurance Louis Fouché or on Michael Levitt, winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, but without any expertise in epidemiology, who announced the imminent end of the pandemic and … March 2020.

In a chapter entitled “Nostradamus is back in service!”, Christian Perronne is ironic about the overly catastrophic forecasts of the British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson or WHO officials, but forgets his own mistakes in terms of prognosis. At the end of August 2020, in Les Grandes Gueules on RMC, he explained that “they are trying to make us believe that the epidemic is progressing all over the world when it is false. The epidemic is regressing, the virus has lost its virulence and mortality is going down “, specifying that we would be” in full delirium “. In a text against “mass vaccination”, published on December 1, the infectious disease specialist was once again seriously mistaken: “The epidemic is regressing and has not resulted in any apocalypse. The dynamics of the curve have been showing the profile for weeks. of a seasonal epidemic rebound which is observed with certain viruses, once the epidemic wave has ended.This testifies to the adaptation of the virus to humans and is also a reflection of the collective immunity which is increasing in the population and which protects us naturally. The strains of viruses currently circulating have lost their virulence “(sic). A theory that he maintains, even though French surveillance data indicate that the British variant is between 52% and 69% more transmissible than the historical virus on French territory (Gaymard et al, Eurosurveillance), which explains why it has become the majority.

At Albin Michel in any case, we refuse to play Nostradamus as regards the commercial future of this new fire: “The publisher who announces as a certainty that a book will be a success must change profession”. While his previous test had been entitled to coverage of Figaro Magazine and an interview – very accommodating – signed by political journalist Charles Jaigu, media promotion promises to be more discreet today. “People are more cautious, Professor Perronne has a very divisive image. But if there is an active part in the editorial staff who is opposed to him, he also benefits in certain media from a silent majority. the next few days the media reception that will be given to the book, “says one at the publisher. The doctor was in any case received on the set of Pascal Praud at Cnews as at the microphone of André Bercoff on Sud Radio.

“Really, they still haven’t understood anything!” by Christian Perronne (Albin Michel, 276 p., € 17.90)


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  1. So he was right about HCQ and Ivermectin and the massive multi BILLION dollar vaccine rollout.

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