Christian Perronne: the interview that challenges …

On the Libertés TV channel – the aptly named! – Professor Perronne continued his indictment against the French management of the Covid-19 pandemic. Guest of Elise Blaise in “Political Saturday” of May 1st, Christian Perronne was able to deliver freely, and for 53 minutes, his view of the health situation, his diagnosis, his remedies. He put words to ailments. His word is, once again, very strong. But no one will come to contradict him, for the good and simple reason that bringing the contradiction to him would give an even greater echo to his words.

An epidemic that is breaking the figure

Responding to the journalist’s first question, relating to conflicts of interest, Professor de Garches deplores that the government does not enforce the law, which requires doctors working on television sets to say if they have any links interests with laboratories. Then, he sets the scene: “if we are no longer in the rule of law”, we are not “in a state of war” either, the virus not killing 30% of the French. According to him, it is possible to “settle the crisis in a few weeks”. For that, it is necessary to “isolate and treat the elderly”. Therefore, “why scare the working population, the young people?” Especially since “mortality is falling all over the world”.

Vaccines without action on Covid-19 variants

While we had announced the catastrophe of catastrophes with the arrival of the British variant on our soil, it appears that “the variants are much less dangerous”. And this, because “a virus of animal origin (…) can be a little nasty at first, but when it passes from human to human for months, it always loses its virulence” and causes less death.

But, if mortality is declining all over the world, which makes him say that “the epidemic is breaking its face”, Professor Perronne nevertheless notes “two exceptions: Brazil and India (but not all India) “and, above all, he observes that” the variants that have emerged “- whether in South Africa, in England, in Brazil, now in India -” as luck would have it, it is in the regions where we vaccinated the most “. “What also shocks” is that people are asked to be careful because “the vaccine has no action on the variants”.

In short, “we vaccinate people, that selects variants, and ultimately people are no longer covered by the vaccine, and we continue to vaccinate anyway”. Christian Perronne sees it as “a scientific inconsistency”, even though he is very favorable to vaccination, but “against vaccine obligations”, because it seems to him preferable to convince rather than to coerce.

The “blackmail” of the vaccine passport

We could not be clearer ! “The vaccine passport, I find it disgusting. We blackmail people for a vaccine that has no interest in the general population. It could have one for people at risk”, such as people over the age of 80 years old. He cites the example of Israel which imposes the vaccination passport, for example to go to the restaurant, and which will also impose “an injection of vaccine every six months”, which “no longer corresponds to science, to public health protection “.

“We do not control an epidemic by putting a country under cover”

More than a year after the start of the pandemic, the truth is emerging. The countries which have best managed the pandemic are “the countries of Asia: Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong”. Admittedly, they “sometimes confined, but for short periods, not necessarily throughout the country”. Putting a whole country under cover, “it’s a horrible invention, we are in the process of imposing terrorism on the French today”. Controlling an epidemic involves isolating the sick, “possibly in hospital, for 15 days”, and early treatment. “All the countries that have won have treated with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin in Asia, artemisia in Africa, now ivermectin which works a miracle” in many countries, notably in Portugal.

Turning to our leaders, Christian Perronne tells them: “How do they explain that the richest countries have the most catastrophic results?” And he asserts: “France is in the worst countries in the world for the results (…) while our President says everywhere that he is the best, that he has done everything necessary”.

A vaccine to protect, not to continue to apply barrier measures

Asked about the now famous benefit / risk balance, the guest of TV Libertés provides a different answer depending on the population categories. If young people are not at all at risk, on the other hand “very old people are much more at risk, but we have a treatment, if we treat immediately, they can be cured; this is the experience of many. country”.

Coming back to the vaccine, Elise Blaise broadcasts a short excerpt from a recent video from the IHU Méditerranée Infection, in which Professor Raoult says: “When people tell you:” there is no risk “, it is not. is not true “. Called to comment on this statement by his colleague from Marseille, Professor Perronne expressed several concerns.

“What worries me,” he explains, “is that people who have been vaccinated in the days that follow sometimes get more serious forms of coronavirus”, whereas “a vaccine is supposed to protect “. He continues: “What shocks me is that since the start of the vaccine campaign, in November-December, at the global level, the major leaders of manufacturing laboratories, Anthony Fauci who is the equivalent of the director of INSERM in the United States, Jean-François Delfraissy, President of the Scientific Council at the Elysee Palace, Olivier Véran, our Minister, the WHO at the beginning of the year, they all said: “Attention! We are not at all sure that the vaccine will prevent human-to-human transmission. “And Christian Perronne exclaims:” There, I’m hallucinating! A vaccine is made to protect, not to cause very serious forms of the disease “.

And to continue: “You are vaccinated, but we must continue the barrier measures, we must continue to wear the mask, we must continue not to gather, you are not allowed to be more than six in a room. , even if everyone is vaccinated, then I say: we fall into delirium “. If it’s a vaccine, “we believe it, it works and it breaks the epidemic”. Professor de Garches confides his disorder to his interlocutor: “What bothers me in this vaccine story is that we used totally new technologies: messenger Arn, modified adenovirus, which have never been used. been used in humans “.

We’re going too fast …

Favorable to innovation (“that’s very good”), the professor nonetheless observes that “in a few weeks, we get out of the hat of wonderful studies – there are no side effects, everything is fine, it protects 95% – and all this data is produced by laboratories, there is no independent analysis, no expert (…). While we have very few results, very little data, very little hindsight “, we decided to” urgently vaccinate billions of people around the world, for a virus which, in the end, kills very little (…). There, I say to myself: it’s okay too quickly (…). If it was a vaccine made under the usual conditions, I would have no hesitation “.

“I’ve never heard that in my entire medical career”

For Christian Perronne, we are “in a situation of uncertainty (…). I have never seen around me, in my family, in my friends, so many side effects”. And “when it’s very rare, you never hear about it”.

Uncertainty, but also surprise, when the pharmacovigilance center of the University Hospital of Tours sends a public message to the doctors: “Stop declaring the side effects of the vaccine, we are overwhelmed, we do not have much means, we had more declarations in one month than the entire previous year on all drugs “. The professor calls for “transparency, that we have real figures”, and confides: “I have never heard that in my entire career as a doctor” …

The journalist calls out: “We are talking about short-term effects”. He continues: “This is the whole problem of the messenger Arn vaccines, we do not know what it will change in the short or medium term. There are still experts, specialists in molecular biology, big pundits who emit concerns about it “. Christian Perronne insists: “These are totally new techniques which can modify the behavior of our cells, for a disease which, now, is not very fatal when we look back, and while in addition we have treatments” .

Vaccine: a marketing authorization based on … the absence of treatment!

There, we go from bad to worse, we fall out of the cupboard, or we stay glued to our chair! It is the reader’s choice. “Which shocks me a lot”, says Christian Perronne – and we would be less, much less! – “is that these vaccines, to have their marketing authorization, it is called conditional marketing authorization, it was necessary to sell to regulatory agencies, including the National Medicines Safety Agency, which there was no effective drug, while there are hundreds of studies that show that there are drugs that work. But there ! “Hydroxychloroquine, azitromycin, ivermectin, it costs a few euros”.

Add to that that the government manages its criminal risk – it was Mr. Macron who told Philippe de Villiers that Edouard Philippe “managed his criminal risk”! – and it can be said, without forcing the words, that the health of millions of French women and men passes after considerations which have only a distant relation to the general interest.

The very strong and well-argued words of Professor Perronne on TV Libertés should make you think. But, with the leaden cover that reigns over our country, and in the face of so many interested interests united, it is likely that they will have no effect on the management of the health crisis.

However, it will not be said that women and men will not have risen to proclaim their four truths to rulers for whom this pandemic will have revealed the limits of their capacities. In this fight, Professor Perronne obviously occupies a prominent place.

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