Christina Orbakaite showed how her 9-year-old daughter spends the night in the car

The youngest heiress of the famous artist goes to performances with her mother.

Christina Orbakaite with her daughter. Photo:

50 year old Christina Orbakaite has long settled with her family in New York, but spent the whole of this summer in Moscow. Here the celebrity celebrated the “gold” anniversary, then began filming the continuation of the comedy “Love-Carrot”, after which work in a new project, performances, “New Wave”. Together with the artist, her youngest daughter, 9-year-old Claudia Zemtsova.

Recently, Klava Zemtsova arranged a dance for her mother at one of the performances. Now the young assistant again accompanied Orbakaite to the concert, after which she fell asleep exhausted in the car.

“A child on tour,” the famous mom showed her daughter’s overnight stay on Instagram.

By the way, in a busy work schedule, Kristina Orbakaite was able to find a week for a vacation, which she spent with her husband in the Greek city of Mykonos. And the daughter at this time was staying with Alla Pugacheva’s grandmother in the Gryazi.

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