Christoph Blocher’s pension is poorly received by Basis

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The news briefly overshadowed all Corona case numbers on the news portals: On Friday, the “Aargauer Zeitung” revealed that old Federal Councilor Christoph Blocher (79) is entitled to the Federal Council pension – the pension that government members are entitled to after four years in office and that it is should allow them to maintain the previous standard of living.

However, entrepreneur Blocher – whose family is one of the richest in Switzerland with assets worth billions – not only claimed the monthly pension, which amounts to around CHF 20,000. He also retrospectively asked for the payment of the money he had not previously drawn: a total of around CHF 2.7 million.


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  1. When Mr. Blocher gallantly renounced his pension back in 2007 he collected brownie points, he enjoyed people’s admiration and praise, all of which paid dividends to him one way or another. One could say that the move was a wise transaction: he gave money and got appreciation, respect (badly needed) and image building in return. But now he wants the money back! It doesn’t take a shrewd businessperson to tell you that once you buy a product and consume it, you can no longer get the money back. He wants to still have his cake after having eaten it!


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