Circular Premises for Alba Sarraute, PakiPayà i My! Laika

Alba Sarraute, the first national circus production and the company PakiPayà are some of the winners of the XI Zirkòlika de Circ de Catalunya Awards. Due to pandemic restrictions, the awards were announced this Wednesday at an event with no audience or trophy presentation. Sarraute has won the award for best indoor show for Desdemona, the circus version of the Otel lo of Shakespeare which premiered at the Greek Festival. As the jury notes, Sarraute does “excellent scenographic work and brilliant dramaturgy” and “vindicates the role of women with fresh, uninhibited and very choral language.”

Happy meeting of Shakespeare with the circus

The award for best marquee show went to Touch Touch, by the company PakiPayà, and the best street show for Game, by Federico Medini Cia. El Fedito. They have also been awarded State of emergency, the first national circus production (also premiered in Grec); The big end, from Bucraá Circus; the acrobatic number Linseed, de My! Laika; Constellations, by Núria Andorrà; Circus Time, by Kanaya Circ, and the Cantilafont festival. On Tuesday, the Zirkòlika award for career for clown and clown master Jango Edwards had already been announced.


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