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YANGON, – a video show medical officer Myanmar has been tortured several times by the authorities.

Radio Free Asia (RFA), which released the broadcast, reported that the incident occurred in the North Okkalapa area, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

At that time, the local police stopped the ambulance from the Mon Myat Seik Htar Foundation, and shot the window.

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RFA reported that the torture was recorded by CCTV cameras from a residential area in North Okkalapa.

In the video, medics appear to be asked to kneel with one of the officers launching a kick.

Quoted AP Saturday (6/3/2021), the recording emerged after there were reports that authorities did not only detain medical workers.

In fact, they went so far as to destroy medical equipment to fire on medical volunteers.

Could be worse

Since demonstrations broke out after the military staged a coup on February 1, dozens of people have been reported dead.

According to UN records, at least 54 people were killed in various cities of Myanmar, with thousands more being jailed.

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Footage of army and police brutality surfaced on social media, with demonstrators being shot at close range.

“We are in a moment of crisis,” said Bill Richardson, a former US Ambassador to the United Nations who has experience serving in Myanmar.

Efforts to get the military junta to stop the violence have been thwarted at various times.

At the United Nations, the security council’s hopes of imposing an embargo could be dashed if China and Russia, Myanmar’s two main ambassadors, vetoed it.

Meanwhile in Southeast Asia, countries that are members of the Asean organization are usually reluctant to interfere with their neighbors’ internal problems.

Therefore, all they could do was get the junta and civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi to sit at the table.

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Because of that, the hope is to suppress the Tatmadaw, the office Myanmar military, resting on Western sanctions.

So far, the US and UK have issued sanctions for the three generals and figures in junta circles.

However, according to the notes of the UN Special Envoy Christine Schraner Burgener, the impact of the sentence will not be too significant.

Because based on their meeting with the junta, they had planned to “stick with a few friends”.

Ronan Lee, researcher at Queen Mary University’s International State Crime Initiative, said the junta could increase their brutality to silence the opposition.

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“In the past, the military has even prepared to kill thousands of people to stop civilian action and achieve their goals,” Lee explained.

John Lichtefeld, vice president of consulting firm The Asia Group, questioned how long the masses will survive.

In his view, it should be acknowledged that the junta has more resources, spies, to be able to turn off communication.

According to him, the situation could be even worse because the military is an organization full of institutional pride.

“It is very possible that the hardliners within it, who are imposing their will, will start to gain influence,” he said.

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