Citizen who verbally attacked a delivery man would intend to leave the country

The citizen Guillermo Miranda North, who verbally assaulted a young foreign food delivery man for delivery, I would pretend to leave the country. RPP News learned that the Miraflores neighbor who insulted Junior Ramirez He is at the Jorge Chávez airport with the aim of taking a flight to Los Angeles, United States.


After this news was known, the Latam airline reported that, based on its operational safety regulations, it reserves the right to board “any passenger who may disturb the due tranquility and proper operation of the flights.” In addition, they were waiting for any communication from the Prosecutor’s Office.

Last Wednesday the Municipality of Miraflores proceeded to sanction with an UIT (s / 4,300) to Guillermo Miranda North for verbally attacking to a delivery man of foreign nationality. Through his Twitter account, the mayor Luis Molina specified that this sanction is given in application of ordinances 437 and 480 of this district.

It also reported that the Municipal Attorney will inform the Prosecutor’s office for the corresponding purposes. The case in question is that of the aggression suffered by the young Venezuelan Junior Venanzio Ramírez, who was a victim of xenophobic insults and threats from a customer.

Precisely, this Thursday the Municipality of Miraflores filed a complaint against Guillermo Miranda North before him Public ministry for the crime of discrimination against the young worker. It should be noted that although the complaint was filed this morning, the citizen does not have, for the moment, any impediment.

The incident occurred when the young man was delivering a food delivery. The video of the incident, disseminated on social networks, was recorded by the victim and it shows a middle-aged man, still unidentified, who insults him because the bag that carried two soft drinks had been broken.

Ramírez told RPP News who did not respond to the expletives for fear of losing his job. In addition, he specified that the man was cornering him in a threatening manner. “He was approaching me like he wanted to hit me, but I dodged him,” he said. The delivery man indicated that in the end the man took his order and ended the matter.

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