Clashes between supporters and anti Trump leave 4 people stabbed and a gunshot wound | International

Four people were stabbed and one was shot and wounded in clashes that followed Saturday’s demonstrations in several cities in the United States in favor of Donald Trump and to report electoral “fraud”.

In many places there were clashes between protesters and counter-protesters anti-Trump, who lost the November 3 election to Democrat Joe Biden but has not yet acknowledged defeat.

Washington State Police said on Twitter Saturday night that a shooting had occurred after clashes near the capitol building in the city of Olympia and that a suspect had been detained.

In the US capital, fire and emergency department spokesman Doug Buchanan told AFP that four people had been stabbed and were hospitalized “with serious injuries.”

According to The New York Times 23 people were arrested during the day.

More than a month after the election of Joe Biden, a crowd wearing red caps with the inscription “Make America Great Again” had invaded the US capital on Saturday to demand “four more years” of the presidency of Donald Trump, and returned to denounce a “massive fraud” in the presidential elections.

Despite a final and decisive setback the day before before the Supreme Court, thousands of Trump supporters took to the streets to show that they are convinced of his victory in the November elections.

The demonstrations had started in a festive atmosphere, and several thousand people gathered in Freedom Plaza, near the White House. They were, however, less than the 10,000 people who supported the president a month ago.

“We’re not going to back down,” said Luke Wilson, a 60-year-old from Idaho, waving a flag defending the carrying of guns.

The protesters cited “foreign interference” and electoral software that would have erased millions of votes destined for the president to explain the “theft” suffered by the Republican magnate.

“The American people are victims of a great injustice,” Dell Quick, a regular participant in the acts in favor of the outgoing president, told AFP, to whom the election of Biden seems “completely impossible.”

“Trump 2024”

For lack of tangible evidence to back up the “massive fraud” allegations, the roughly fifty complaints filed by Trump allies across the United States have been dismissed by the courts, or withdrawn, with only one exception.

All states have formally certified their results, awarding victory to Biden, and the Electoral College will validate the victory of the Democrat on Monday, who will take office on January 20.

Darlene Denton wore a “Trump 2024” badge on her sweatshirt. “No one wants to hear the evidence,” said the 47-year-old woman who came from Tennessee to express her love for a leader who would have given the American people a “voice”.

The president himself still refuses to admit defeat.

“Whoops! Thousands of people are gathering in Washington to prevent the election from being stolen, ”Trump greeted on Twitter on Saturday, before his helicopter flew over the crowd singing the American anthem.

Among the protesters, members of the far-right militia “Proud Boys”, recognizable by their yellow and black suits and bulletproof vests, were acclaimed by the crowd.

“Nazis out!” Shouted militants from the Black Lives Matter movement gathered a few streets away.

Several anti-Trump rallies were organized in the capital, one of them in the Black Lives Matter Plaza, near the White House and where thousands of people went in early November to celebrate Biden’s triumph.


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