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At the Mirror “One & All Live 2021” concert these days, member Wang Zhide (Alton) made the 2018 Mirror a member of the army.Consecutive postsProjected on the big screen, he recalled all kinds of venomous criticism from netizens in those days. From appearance to body shape, singing skills to member combinations, they were trampled on the body, no one looked at them well. And he was most impressed by the sentence: “After three years Tell me”.

Now, Mirror and Hong Kong have entered an easy third year together. The twelve of them are still there, and the “Mirror fans” (short for Mirror fans) behind them have been with them, and there are more and more people. On the eve of the second concert of the debut, the first-row seat scalper flew up to 50,000 to 130,000 yuan; member Jiang Tao’s birthday at the end of last month, fans bought street TVs in Hong Kong and Kowloon, and a one-week tram advertisement “Baby horse-style celebration.” Some people say that Hong Kong has a long-lost, even unprecedented, star-chasing craze.

Mirror member Wang Zhide (Alton) revisited the old things at the concert, thanking the fans for being with them all the way and supporting them to the present. (Image source: Liandeng discussion area)

Being a mirror fan is bitter to a certain extent. No matter concert tickets, CDs, and peripheral products can’t be bought, it seems to be bullied by speculators and the organizer. These years, telling people that you are a mirror fan, In addition to the general label for star chasers, the attacks on Mirror from all sides also directly affected fans.

Questioned “Where is the water?” “What is it called a pretty boy?” is the lowest consumption, and many mirror fans are tweeting on the Internet. When watching Mirror programs or new news, they are criticized by their male companions: Type?” “It’s only nuclear sudden?” There are many ugly words. Why Jiang Tao promised to protect his fans with his works, because he has also endured these accusations. Although Jingzai and Jingfen are in different positions, they share a certain common mood and experience.

In the era of new media, the relationship between celebrities and fans is no longer a one-way, long-distance display of a certain skill or image, but more like creating a “zero distance” existence through a series of social media operations; People in this community cannot understand where the attachment comes from. Therefore, if you just talk about appearance, singing skills, and acting skills, outsiders will never understand why mirror fans are so devoted to their idols. However, many people who have never been moved by the entertainment industry in the past can suddenly “get into the pit” of Mirror, and love it from then on. , And exclaimed, “I haven’t tried to be crazy to any celebrity, I feel like I am crazy”, and laughed, “Someone can make me like it, it’s happy.”

Mirror concert 2021

Mirror concert 2021

In this month when Mirror announced with a new song that “A great new century is coming”, “Stance News” interviewed many “mirror fans”, Cantonese song fans, and observed various fan club groups to try to understand them. Social interaction and star chasing fans are actually what it is like.

* * *

Reachable idol

As a dancing group, Mirror’s first impression of the public when it first debuted was a “pseudo Korean group” acting as K-pop and selling samples. However, the members of the Korean group usually work as trainees in their teens, and they have been trained for at least a few years before they come out to perform; however, Mirror was born in the “National Stars” talent show, and it took less than half a year from an amateur to debut. Sister Hua, the producer and manager of Mirror, once described in an interview that Mirror is more like a “nurturing plan.” Although the members have made their debut, their singing and dancing performance still needs to be improved, and fans will witness and even directly participate in “Zizai”. “Our growth process.

After the 90s, Louis used to chase after the Japanese idol girl group. Last year he found that “National Stars III” looked good and turned to pay attention to Mirror. In his eyes, the nature of Mirror is actually closer to AKB48. It is also through selection and learning under the team platform. Then gradually develop his specialty in the field of arts. “At that time, I like to observe how he (AKB48) walks from an amateur all the way to the stage, especially in the documentary where he shouts to the audience. And Mirror is the kind of slow start from scratch to get the audience’s attention. The process of being in high position, although it is very hard for him, but it’s a good time to watch it.”

AKB48, which debuted in 2005, is based on the concept of creating “an idol that the public can reach”. Each record comes with a handshake meeting ticket. Therefore, the sales volume is always easily broken through one million, and it also performs in theaters almost every day. Mirror was born in the more mature era of social media. In addition to public performances and variety shows, it also distributes information to fans and interacts directly through IG story, IG live, YouTube Channel, and Telegram groups. Louis first fell in love with Mirror member Anson Kong (Anson Kong), because he loved watching his YouTube Channel, and there are cooking-themed ones.「Anson KIS’chen」, Sharing life and work tidbits with Vlog, or playing some mini games with the audience, “It’s all because it’s close enough and relaxed enough, and the family is so social, sometimes it’s okay to laugh when you want to be bored, in fact, it’s probably really related to it. That’s good. I took a picture of him and Ian who went to the supermarket to buy food and cook rice, and he feeds Ian and drinks soup. You think it’s sweet.”

(The MV “One And All” edited by Mirror Powder to commemorate the second anniversary of Mirror’s military, shows the changes of the members in the past two years, and the promise of finger hooking with fans during their debut concert.)

Mirror Fans Club mainly uses Telegram groups as its information dissemination and chat platform. The twelve fans each have groups, with member accounts ranging from 3,000 to nearly 10,000. Mavis started chasing after his debut at Mirror. I still remember that the company asked Twelve to run Weibo to let the public follow. “Obviously, there are no Hong Kong fans who will use Weibo to watch the show, so all fans at the time. Booing, it’s great. After hearing the public opinion, it turned into a TG group first, and the deity was added to the noodles, because at that time, his selling point was being close to the people.”

Not long after graduating from Mavis University, Mirror was chasing the Korean group before entering the pit in 2018. After living in South Korea for several years, he loves Super Junior and Block B the most. There are seven or eight groups that pay close attention to. At that time, in order to take good photos and run a fan page, it was estimated that 200,000 yuan was spent on photographing equipment and concert tickets. “But in fact, when you look at it, you will find that many of them are the same style. The more you go, the more boring you are. There must be back and forth in singing and dancing, but it is really not personal. Compared with 12 people in Mirror, 12 of them are good. I have my own style, and I believe that because of that kind of style, I continue to look at the mirror.”

Han Xing is very far away from fans. At that time, she lined up all night to dominate, just to see real people and take pictures, not to talk about interaction, most idols post on social media afterwards. Thank you fans for coming today. “So when I started chasing Mirror, I found out that his deity would talk to you in the TG group. I think it’s something “scare?”.” Her favorite Liu Yingting (Jer) had a small number of early fans and has been By 2019, there are hundreds of people, and it feels like a group of friends are gathering in the sky.

“It’s usually good night, but it’s true that he will follow the po and see me, and then he will cover me and talk about the latest life situation. For example, because he wears a hat on the day, I once discussed and wanted to know. He buys hats while he buys them, so he might as well open an IG Live every day to scare me about hats.” However, the boundary between fans and idols still exists. Jer will not talk to them about work details, difficult things, etc. It’s just a few words at most, so it’s a good idea to do it today.”

Jer used to be busking on the street, but no one stopped to listen. Last March was his first busking after his debut. There were still many fans accompanied by the epidemic. They held lights and waved together to sing in a chorus. It was Mavis's most beautiful memory of supporting Liu Yingting in the past two and a half years.  (Image source: Liu Yingting's Facebook page)

Jer used to be busking on the street, but no one stopped to listen. Last March was his first busking after his debut. There were still many fans accompanied by the epidemic. They held lights and waved together to sing in a chorus. It was Mavis’s most beautiful memory of supporting Liu Yingting in the past two and a half years. (Image source: Liu Yingting’s Facebook page)

Knowing idols from social media, Louis does not question its authenticity. “When you change your relationship with ordinary people, even if you are good friends, in fact, I only look at them and let me see them. Unless there is negative news or find out about them. It’s really big talk, otherwise I will treat it as real.”

And Mavis has noticed that when fans interact closely, they will invisibly shape their idols. “For example, Jer’s selling point at the beginning must not be cute, but when I talk about it a lot, he may be in his heart. Interpretation: “I am proud to be my QQ chat in the Japanese language?” In the past, I used to be the same as wink, but my family was just begging, and IG story might scare myself one-eyed. And I don’t want to talk. If you do too much, if you want to apply first, you will just feel like, “Die, if you know we like it, I will do it.””

* * *

Crazy Archeology Tour

In each Telegram group, we will see fans from time to time discuss why they liked Photogenic in the first place. Everyone can clearly tell a certain favorite performance, a certain segment of the program, and even a certain moment of being telegraphed; but to be true When entering the pit, many people have gone through a process of “crazy archeology”, from the beginning to understand this Jingzi’s personality, family background, transformation since participating in “Star Making”, values, etc.

The YouTube Channel of each Fans Clubs has compiled a large number of performances and interviews, IG live (Jingzai usually talks about more personal things when opening a live), lazy bag, etc. Old fans will teach newcomers how to use the TG function to do archaeology Jingzai’s past conversations with everyone, and even sharing and exchanges found in old Facebook and IG posts. Many mirror fans have used a large amount of online materials with the enthusiasm of “watching from morning to night”, “J to three or four in the morning”, and “watching to be a boyfriend fraud / sip vinegar” in just two or three weeks. After reading, “The first time I watched IG live, don’t fly to watch”, Jingzai didn’t let go of every detail and expression, and then went into the pit very quickly, “I’ve never thought I’d be idiotic”, ” I know, I’m all tied.”

Art critic Evelyn has recently become a loyal “Jiang Tang” and happily shares news and anecdotes about Jiang Tao or Mirror on Facebook every day; because she has always been regarded as a talented girl, she has requirements for performing arts and cultural works, some readers She was surprised that she also fell into “Jiang Tao fever.” “I don’t care about it, I want to talk to people, because there are many people who like him, and he is really good.” Evelyn smiled with cashew eyes when she said this, like a girl who has just fallen into first love.

In the dead of night, I want to talk about yesterday. It’s hard to use a lot of brains, maybe 1999. 1. Just a few days ago, when I was asked about my feelings about “chasing a star”, I was still saying that I was not sure if I was a star chasing. For me, “chasing” is a very physical and very real action, such as running to a shopping mall to raise placards (even to dominate all night…

Posted by Cha Yinglan Chachacha on Saturday, 1 May 2021

Because she listened to 903 while driving, Jiang Tao and other members’ songs have been heard for a long time, so she can’t pay special attention to it; it was the new song “Warrior” released at the end of March this year that responded to the pulse of the times, and she started to understand Mirror seriously. . The love for Jiang Tao is the addition of many elements, such as appearance, personality, singing and dancing performance, but the most important thing is that she understands the story behind Jiang Tao, including being bullied because of being too fat, having no friends, and extreme Inferiority and so on are based on this prerequisite, and when I saw Jiang Tao, “As soon as he took the stage, he commanded and became a stage. It was an explosion. How much effort did he put in behind? You can imagine.”

She used to chase dramas and never chased stars. Recently, she put down all the episodes and went to archaeology whenever she had time. In the past, the star she was most obsessed with was the Japanese actor Shun Oguri, but she didn’t understand Japanese and didn’t have much way to get to know him outside of his works.Jiang Tao has a collection of videos edited by fans, among them“Jiang Tao’s kind heart-warming little things are not completely recorded”It’s her favorite. “There was an occasion when Qu and Long Zhiquan (the top 100 Mao artists, contestants of “Star Making”) were together. I don’t know if I would like to ask a girl if I want to choose a side to win, I’m staying with Jiang Tao. He winked and asked Qu to pick Long Zhiquan. A girl is really picking, and Long Zhiquan is so happy. Although Tongbui Qu is the most eye-catching one of Mirror, but during the interview, he knew that there were no chances for his teammates. When I talk about it, I will post a special tag and talk about it. “Stars II” and I tried my best to help the team members. I really want to review myself, “Wow, what about my personal failure?” She said that her friends praised Jiang Tao when she saw it: “It’s really Hong Kong Nightingale!”

Jiang Tao

Jiang Tao

* * *

Companion regardless of success or failure

Jingfen’s feelings for Jingzai are not so much admiration, but more like a character who witnesses his growth and walks with him. Rachel became a supporter of Mirror member Jeremy at the beginning of this year. After the 90s, she had chased stars in middle school, and her object was He Yunshi; but after entering university, she was busy and her enthusiasm faded. At the beginning of this year, Jiang Tao’s controversy over “My Favorite Male Singer” attracted her attention. It was only in order to understand Mirror that she went back to the first season of “Star Making”. At first, she didn’t pay much attention to Jeremy until the performance of “I’m Really Hurt” in the top 20, “I remember that scene. At that time, I was close to other things. When I saw it, I stopped and started to watch it. I really enjoyed it. Performing, because he sings well and puts himself into it seriously.”

Jeremy, who often plays gorgeous and coquettish style on the stage, is usually taciturn and very low-key, playing the role of a “warm man” who silently takes care of others among his teammates; especially during the period of “Star Making”, he is often ignored or not favored by judges, “I If you really want to enter the pit, you should be interviewed by the top ten, and he shouted and said, “Do you know why I don’t want to be an invisible person, but I want to become an invisible person?” He really… Sungil did a lot of hard work, but no one saw it. Mom and Dad are so careful that they are already by their side. They live alone, so they have to take care of themselves.”

“Now I feel so sad. I really want to hold him and talk with him, “Oh, well, actually you have done a good job, and I will see it.””

Compared with Liu Yingting and Lu Juean (Edan) fans who like to make fun of them, and often share photos of their disintegration in the TG group, Jeremy’s group is very protective of his atmosphere. Fans feel that he is introverted and melancholic. Many people join Rachel with a mentality of “I hope he knows that he is supported by Tongxiqu”; and Jeremy is extremely demanding, and the performance has a voice. Everyone would mind very much, saying sorry to the fans in TG or IG, and deeply guilty for not being able to make solo to meet the expectations of fans. Therefore, in the fans group, I often see loving cheering messages-“No matter what, I will stay with you!” is a sentence that appears from time to time; and some people say that they want him to date and date, “I got a love xiqu People”.

“As a fan of him, you really will not come here.” Rachel said, Mirror has been in solo for two and a half years, half of the team has already flown out of solo solo, but Jeremy, who is good at singing and dancing, has not been arranged yet. Many fans blame Blame ViuTV for focusing too much resources on individual members and ignoring him. Earlier, the first international beauty brand finally asked him to endorse. The commercials were very good. The whole TG group enjoyed the sky for two or three consecutive days. Fans flocked to the brand’s official IG and Facebook page to leave a message to thank you, and immediately went to buy and Check in, “I have to buy it without makeup.” “I have sensitive skin, but I buy it as a gift to my friends.” “It’s really unfamiliar, and I will be happy, as if I finally got it!”

“I don’t think that even hard work will not necessarily succeed,” Rachel said. “But I have seen it in his body, quietly working and a kind of attitude. Even if you don’t become a star again on the first day, I will support him because of me. It’s to appreciate his character itself,”

Jeremy Lee, who has an alternative style, has not made solo arrangements with Mirror for two and a half years, but the number of fans has been steadily increasing. The picture shows his solo performance

Jeremy Lee, who has an alternative style, has not made solo arrangements with Mirror for two and a half years, but the number of fans has been steadily increasing. The picture shows his solo performance “Monster” on Mirror “One & All Live 2021”.

* * *

12 – 1 = 0

It seems common for the orchestras to form an army, and then they quarrel, compete solo, compete, and then infight to break the gang. Looking around the history of the music scene seems to be a very common thing. Since Mirror’s debut, it has not experienced disputes and differences among fans. There are also reports that individual members have grievances, or the team is divided into small circles. However, in Mirror’s YouTube videos or Facebook comments, fans often say “12-1 = 0”, “I hope you will support each other forever”, “I love you twelve, come on!”

Louis feels that the difference between Mirror and other orchestras in other places is that it basically has no route and image belonging to Mirror itself. Unlike other orchestras, which usually have the style of the orchestra itself, “The 12 people in the Mirror department have 12 different styles. Maybe Jer sings and sings. Anson Lo is a dancing singer, AK is a typical Hong Kong boy’s MK route, Jiang Tao is an idol group, and Ian is a singer-songwriter. Each and every one of them has what they want to do, and attracts different fans. Just Mirror. In this way, by not accommodating various projections with others, and representing the tight music scene with a multi-spirited spirit, it also accepts the public’s expectations of Hong Kong’s young people and Hong Kong culture.”

Although some fans will feel that their favorite Mirror has been ignored by the company, Mirror as a whole also helps some lower-key members to some extent. It’s easy for Jingfan to pay attention to his own “born” (a favorite member) and see other members by the way, “Because no matter how good the variety show is, the photos and IG stories of the same po’s usually put together, and they will each other. Tag or play around, and the subtle interactions are all my favorite.” Mavis will see their movements because of his natal Jer, Edan, Jeremy, and Anson Lo. Qiu Shijin (Stanley) is very good at taking care of Jiang Tao, so the increase in his favorability, etc., has virtually increased the exposure of lower-key members.

Mirror concert 2021

Mirror concert 2021

Ben, a college student who likes Jiang Tao and Jer the most, said that apart from listening to songs, how each member gets along, faces and develops in this idol group is what he thinks is best when he pays attention to Mirror. “Jer himself tends to be a pure singer, but he has to fit in, play variety shows and learn to dance together. Or Jiang Taoqu is the most popular, but when he returns to the Mirror show, Will integrate and return to be a Mirror member, don’t try to grab the light of others. Then Edan may have to wait two years to do the same thing, this year he will be around.” He said that he had never seen a member. I am very eager for quick success, but 12 people are very down-to-earth and gradually develop in the group.

Although he appreciates Jer’s ability as a singer very much, he doesn’t believe that independent development will be better. “It’s so realistic. Even if he doesn’t work as a team, he won’t spend a lot of time or resources to make better songs. Maybe You have to do so much to survive. So in fact, keep keeping solo one by one, and each person plays three songs a year, and there are group songs. I think it’s already good.”

Mirror Concert 2021 (Standing Press Picture)

Mirror Concert 2021 (Standing Press Picture)

* * *

Brought to them by star chasing

Chasing stars in the years of social collapse and political repression can easily be seen as an escape from reality. But for Evelyn, it was Mirror and Jiang Tao that kept her motivated to do all kinds of things. At the Chill Club awards ceremony last month, Jiang Tao said that “Hong Kong singers can definitely become Asia’s No. 1 again.” Evelyn, who originally doubted the significance of continuing to write art critics in this era, was inspired by this, “began to think Make yourself the best and the top, and you won’t lose if you go out and compete with other people…As everyone knows, Hong Kong is a place where there is a lot of jelly beans.” She is on Facebook. Write down the mood at the time.

Because that sentence was spoken by Jiang Tao, the weight became different. “He himself is a fat man, the housing company has no money, and seems to have no talent. It can be said that he is a member of the majority of losers in Hong Kong. It is really hopeless to stand up. “Star Making” was not at the beginning. The audience feels that the music scene is dead, and they just want to see people making a fool of themselves. But through his continuous practice and hard work, he can finally reach the stage, against all odds. I have a lot of results. I think that no matter whether it is me or the people around me, I need a kind of narrative.” But do you believe that Jiang Tao and Mirror can do it? “I think it’s so difficult, but it’s not impossible. If you can’t even think about it, you must not be able to do it.”

For Anna born in the 90s, she liked Edan at first only because she saw him in the game show “Gum War”, or the very “children” side when playing IG, and then slowly discovered in various interviews and live. He knows the piano and violin, and is serious about his own work. “It can be so good that she can turn her eyes back, and she can look like “Mr. E”, the piano prince.” This kind of contrast made her deep into the pit.

(Edan, with zero idol burden, often self-destroyed and performed various funny performances, bringing endless joy to his teammates and fans.)

With the increase in popularity and work, most Jingzi can no longer interact with fans in the TG group, but every morning or noon, Edan will always send a good morning/noon of “Elderly Pictures x Children Dengfeng” The sticker came out to say hello to everyone, even if it was so busy like a concert that I haven’t missed it in the past few days, that was the moment Anna and the fans were looking forward to. Follow Jingzai’s IG every day to see their work today, where they went, and their own IG story tag. Has he watched it? I feel that he is living together in sync with himself. “Before I took pictures of my uncle’s love, I finished work day and night, and stayed with me so early and started work. It was really hard work. I admire his persistence. There are sometimes unsatisfactory things in my life, but I always appreciate it. In fact, there are 12 mirrors. I always work hard, I have to work hard myself, and I don’t want to be negative.”

Jer has rarely spoken in the TG group recently, but his fans still continue the atmosphere of talking about everything. It can be said to be the most lively and loving, and the most diverse topic among the 12 Mirror Boys groups, not only around Jer or Mirror, other popular or independent music, personal life, food, drink and entertainment, and current social affairs will be discussed. Earlier, a large group of people even talked about the wonders of local literary writers Dong Qizhang, Chen Hui and Han Lizhu.

Mavis said that the biggest gain since chasing Liu Yingting is to recognize a group of friends who can make heart-to-heart. In addition to online discussions, they will also meet offline. Even before the concert, the aid supplies were handed over. Some of the newer fans were still not satisfied after picking up the goods. They mentioned their names to each other. As a result, more than 20 people stood on the street in several circles and drank for five hours. Let’s talk about Liu Yingting’s talk for five minutes, and there will be nothing all day long. There will be some unexpected talk sessions.”

“Tongbui unexpectedly had someone discussing Cantonese songs with me, not about Korean groups, not about Taiwanese stars, but about Cantonese songs!” Although she has really liked Korean groups and is familiar with Korean, the power of her mother tongue is different. “You must have a deep feeling when you hear or see the lyrics. It is easy to sing along. Then Jingzi interacts with the topic, you will definitely feel better than watching the Korean stars. You can understand all the jokes.” in Mavis When she was a student, she felt that telling people that she listened to Cantonese songs was outdated or even lost. Even when she first changed from chasing Korean stars to chasing Mirror, she had endured a lot of strange looks.

“But when I asked me, I can be so proud that I can tell my colleagues, I like the team frame, how hard do you look at it? Bring it into a Hong Kong music scene.”

Mirror Concert 2021 (Picture of position press kit)

Mirror Concert 2021 (Picture of position press kit)

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