Closing of the dollar today June 28, 2021 in Mexico; exchange rate

At the close of today, June 28, 2021, the dollar American is in 19.81 pesos, according to information from Banco de México (Banxico).

Due to the continuous decline in the dollar, the Mexican peso benefited, reaching an appreciation of 5.8 cents compared to the record at the close of the day last Friday, in which the dollar settled at 19,874 according to Banxico.

This 0.29% variation for the national currency against the dollar benchmark was a sign of gains and a good start to the week for the Mexican peso. The present day Monday, there was little movement within the markets for the Mexican peso.

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On Friday, the peso had broken a six-day accumulated positive streak, in which it broke the imaginary barrier of 20 units per dollar. However, this Monday after a new positive close, the peso maintains its good appreciation account in emerging currency markets.

Why did the price of the dollar fall?

The fall in the price of the dollar was due in large part to the increase in speculation that exists regarding the pronouncement of the Federal Reserve (Fed) regarding the United States economy and the future of the exchange rate policy of the dollar. > Due to the increase in prices in the North American economy, specialists are waiting for a possible change in the position of the entity.

During the week in the United States, there will be {encouragement to know the agricultural payroll report and the possible rebounds of the coronavirus and the Delta variant in all of America.}

Exchange rate in the main banks in Mexico

  • Citibanamex had a buy at $ 19.16 and a sale at $ 20.15
  • Banorte buy at $ 18.75 and sell at $ 20.15
  • HSBC México buy at $ 19.51 and sell at $ 20.52
  • BBVA Bancomer buys at $ 19.17 and sells at $ 20.07
  • Santander buys at $ 19.79 and sells at $ 19.82

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