CNews boss says Olivier Véran is boycotting his channel

Serge Nedjar gave an interview to “Journal du dimanche”.

Serge Nedjar, CEO of CNews, says in The JDD that the Minister of Health Olivier Véran boycott his antenna. “He ostensibly refuses to come (…) That a minister does not want to respond on the country’s second news channel is incomprehensible. He turns his back on millions of viewers who in his eyes probably do not deserve to be informed», He says, defending the freedom of tone and speech of his antenna.

The same Serge Nedjar also attacks France 2 and France Inter which, according to him, would not invite certain editorialists, scientists or writers seen on his channel. He believes that these public service media “censor and behave like judges (…) and practice selective indignation. But the public is not fooled. He spotted these biases».

An accusation condemned by the Director of Information of France inter Catherine Nayl and the Director of Information of France Televisions, Laurent Guimier:

The CEO of CNews, while affirming that the layoffs of Sébastien Thoen and Stéphane Guy «have nothing to do with parody“From a CNews program, finally recalls that its channel has recorded good audiences since 2019,”it is almost scaryHe said. “Believe me, it’s easier to be a challenger», He says.


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