CNN: A global cigarette company dominates the manufacture of asthma inhalers in Britain

location detection CNN The news, in a report today, that the giant cigarette company Philip Morris, Philip Morris International , took over the Victoria factory Vector The British specialist in the manufacture of inhalers, in Britain, despite the objections of the health care associations.


The producer of Marlboro and Parliament cigarettes said in a statement today, Thursday, that it has acquired approximately 75% of the shares of the Marlboro and Parliament cigarette factory. Vector Victora.

Jacek Olcak, CEO of Philip Morris International, said: (PM) In a statement: “We have reached an important milestone in our acquisition of Victora VectorWe are very excited about the critical role that Victor will play Vector In our post-nicotine strategy.”

The acquisition bolsters the tobacco company’s efforts to generate more than half of its net revenue from smoke-free products such as e-cigarettes and respiratory medications within 4 years. PMI Philip Morris Cigarettes are currently in over 175 markets.

The site added, the company Victor Vector Manufactures 13 inhaled medicines for companies like Novartis Novartis وجلاكسوGlaxoSmithKline For the treatment of lung diseases, including asthma.

Major tobacco companies dominate the inhaler industry market
Major tobacco companies dominate the inhaler industry market

Today, Thursday, the site said, 35 charities, public health experts and doctors sent a letter to the British Minister of Health, Joe Churchill, asking the government to intervene.

Cancer Research UK wrote in its letter: “We believe that this deal is clearly not in the public interest, and that it creates perverse incentives for PMI to increase harm through smoking so that they can then benefit again by curing diseases. related to smoking” and the letter was signed by the British Lung Foundation.

Kjeld Hansen, president of the European Lung Foundation, said he was “very disappointed” to see the deal done.

“The potential for someone to profit from selling one product that harms the lungs and another that treats the lung disease that causes it,” Hansen said in a statement.

The site stated, that Philip Morris has been fired Philip Morris International About the Altria Group Artlia (MO) Established in 2008, it is an American commercial enterprise and one of the largest producers and marketers of tobacco andcigarettes, and related products, operates worldwide and is headquartered in Henrico County, Virginia, USA.

The site indicated that Altria Artlia Owns Philip Morris Corporation in the United States Philip Morris USA Which sells brands of cigarettes including Marlboro And Virginia ،Slims ,And Parliament , And Merit , in the United States.


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