Coca-Cola announces the dismissal of 360 employees in a plan that will affect Galdakao

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) announced this Friday that it will lay off 360 workers in Spain, a figure that represents around 10% of its workforce in the country. The company frames this ERE in a process of reorganization, optimization and homogenization of its commercial area, and the USO union assumes that it will affect the employees of the company’s facilities in Galdakao, where more than 300 people work between fixed and temporary, and of which a score belongs to the Sales department.

«For now, They have only given us the thick lines of the plan. We hope that they will present all the details to us next week, “said Raúl Montoya, USO’s Secretary of Union Action, to this newspaper. And he added that the ERE is not motivated by the reduction in consumption caused by the Covid pandemic, whose effect is especially felt in the hospitality sector.

However, the company’s accounts suffered in the first three quarters of 2020, when its income in the Iberian Peninsula was reduced by 23.5%. And precisely in October of last year, CCEP used economic reasons to justify the closure of the Malaga bottling plant, which affected 77 workers. The production of that plant, with 60 years of history, moved to Seville.


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