Codeweavers shows Windows applications via CrossOver

Linux and Mac users have probably heard of Wine. This means that – not all but a few – Windows applications can be used in a runtime environment on the operating systems mentioned. CodeWeavers has a commercial version of it with CrossOver and just got the cheapest MacBook Air shot with an M1 chip at the next Best Buy.

The goal was to try out whether your own tool would run under ARM. The result: Yes, and for the most part without any problems, although the beta of macOS 11.1 and a version of CrossOver that has not yet been optimized were on the way. Quicken, Among Us and Team Fortress 2 were tested, which can be seen in the video. The latter is currently not going really well, but you have to visualize the translation levels. A 32-bit Windows binary for Intel runs on a 32-to-64-bit bridge in CrossOver, which in turn is an x86 version that is made executable via Rosetta 2 emulation. This is a good start from that point of view. Let’s see how it looks when CrossOver is also optimized for ARM.

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