Colombia team today: Queiroz said that players are very hurt after a 6-1 win against Ecuador, little explanation | Colombia selection

Coach Carlos Queiroz attended the press conference after the 6-1 win that Ecuador gave Colombia, for the tie against Qatar 2022, and the reality is that he could not explain the poor presentation of his team.

“Ecuador played better than us, if everyone talks about a virtue of Colombia it was its defensive security, but until the last two games it was like that and now they suddenly took us badly but it is possible to change in the next games,” he limited himself to saying.

“They are two very tough defeats. I know that these players do not deserve this situation, they have more quality and desire than the results show. I am responsible. I ask people to remember that these players are the same players who brought glory to many Colombia games back and they will do it again very soon, “he added.

To a question about the little idea of ​​the game that the team seemed to show, he said: “It is a taboo that is built, each game has its history, when a team wins like Ecuador today there is not much to say, congratulate them, but the players from Colombia They are very hurt, very suffered with these results and I, who know them, are going to play very hard and safe with the breed they showed in previous games, we are going to change and we are going to improve and get the necessary points to go to Qatar. “

Regarding seventh place in the table and what is to come, none other than Brazil and Paraguay, commented: “Get up. The players will go to their clubs and surely we will all make an effort to improve and reach March with good conditions because now the important thing is to recover. mentally and technically to the players. The March games give a couple of months. You have to have a hard beard and a cement stomach. The players know and they are hurt and I know they will work well with humility to get to March strong. “


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