Come, I release you to my apartment.. Mayan El-Sayed exposes a famous artist and reveals what he did after he was separated from her without fear of anyone!! (you will not believe)

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Young artist Mayan El-Sayed topped the Google search engine during her interview Thursday, on the DMC evening program, presented by Ramy Radwan, in which she spoke about her artistic and personal life, where the meeting was characterized by a lot of fun and singing.

This is not the first time that she has topped the trend or search engines, as Mayan Al-Sayed has previously topped the social media more than once, the most prominent of which was two years ago after the confession video, in which she recounted her suffering with harassment as she cried.

The story of the master Mayan with harassment

Young artist Mayan El-Sayed revealed the details of her being harassed, saying: “The first time someone harassed me, I was in school, and he said, ‘Come, I will release you on my apartment and the Christmas tree.’

Mayan added, during her hosting of the CBC program, “Al-Satat Maarfush Yakbowa”: “In another incident, an unknown artist tried to harass me in my first way in art and said to me: Come, we discuss our roles together, but I refuse to mention his name and agree to it, but he tried to harass me, and I did not confront him with his action, and I regretted not not Telling the director or production body about this work, but I tried to forget this matter.

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