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JAKARTAProstate cancer is one of the health problems that often threaten men. In Indonesia, this disease ranks 4th of all types of diseases, the cause is due to the lack of early detection that has not been optimal.

Some time ago, child psychologist Seto Mulyadi was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The Chairperson of the Indonesian Child Protection Institute (LPAI) also has to carry out a series of treatments such as a biopsy to determine the development of cancer cells in his body.

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Prostate cancer is cancer cells that grow in the prostate or small glandular cells located at the base of the male bladder. Some prostate cancers grow slowly and do not cause serious damage. However, some other types grow aggressively and cause serious illness.

According to world health data (WHO) there are about 1.1 million men worldwide diagnosed with cancer. Meanwhile in Indonesia, from the 2020 Globocan data, there were 230,000 deaths. In fact, this cancer ranks at the top after lung cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, and liver cancer.

Prostate cancer is prone to occur in men aged over 50 years. One of the main trigger factors is obesity, someone who is overweight has a higher risk of developing prostate cancer or being aggressive. In addition, according to research at the Harvard School of Public Health, consuming 3 eggs per week has an 81% chance of developing prostate cancer.

According to research from Kanazawa University in Japan, coffee can prevent prostate cancer. This is because coffee contains two compounds ahweol acetate and cafestol which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Enough with 1 to 3 cups a day, the risk of prostate cancer can be reduced by 30%.

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