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Colon cancer has been diagnosed at Jeroen van Merwijk (64). The comedian on Thursday shares on Facebook that he has since started chemotherapy.

Van Merwijk writes that after a performance at De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam “he felt something in his stomach that didn’t seem familiar to him”. He went to the doctor, was examined at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and was told that he was suffering from colon cancer.

“Last Friday I started a life-prolonging chemotherapy, which should ensure that I am still among the people for a while. At the moment I am in bed waiting for the things that will happen,” writes the comedian and songwriter.

Van Merwijk says that “everything goes according to the book so far”. “As far as I’m concerned, you can enjoy the versatile genius and moral compass that has been calling itself Jeroen van Merwijk for almost 65 years.”

In 2015, Van Merwijk and his colleague Harrie Jekkers toured with the performance Jekkers and Jeroen through the Netherlands. The year before Van Merwijk, born as part of a twin, played another solo farewell tour, but in 2018 he resumed his career with Lucky.

It is not yet known whether Van Merwijk has to cancel performances due to his illness.



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