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Actress Dimple Rose’s mother Dency Tony on the scene against those who make abusive comments to videos on her YouTube channel. Dancy’s response was in a video he shared on his YouTube channel. Dancy said such comments are often avoided, but only when Dimple’s baby is dragged away.

Dimple’s brother Don and actress Meghna Vincent were divorced. It was only after this that comments started coming in insulting Dimple and his family. Don later married. Meghna became active in acting. Yet some continued personal abuse. But Dimple and his family did not respond.

Such abuses have been going on for two years. But it is common to leave it at that. As usual, there were similar comments on Dimple’s second appearance. Many were from fake accounts. One person comes under many names and makes comments. But the owner of the account online sessions by Suzu not only abuses Dimple, but also drags the baby into it. Dimple’s last video received more than ten comments from this account within half an hour. Dancy said while sharing screen shots.

‘That Cochin got you as a mother’, ‘Is there sincerity with the lost baby?’ ‘Meghna was not the daughter of a mother, was it not you who brought the wedding? We should have tried to reconcile ‘, and the comments are insulting even to motherhood. It turned out that a woman who was taking an online class was behind this. Dancy says he got the picture but is not releasing it now. Replying to all their comments, Dancy said that if this is repeated, the photo will be released.

English Summary: Dimple Rose’s mother reacted to negative comments


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