Economy Companies that renounce ERTE

Companies that renounce ERTE


“With the covid-19 we have lost projects, clients and payments. Even so, my boss, not only is he not going to send anyone from ERTE but he has donated anonymously € 9,000 in respirators to the Gregorio Marañón Hospital. I am not clear how we are going to get out of this, but he is proud of his attitude & rdquor ;. In these days of emergency when the bad news is piling up, it’s hard to find messages like this, anonymous, that went viral online. But there are.

The economic crisis derived by the coronavirus it threatens to fatten up the most vulnerable, as it did a decade ago. Three weeks after the government decreed home confinement to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, more than 1.6 million people have been affected by a temporary employment regulation (ERTE) file throughout Spain, with Catalonia being the community that leads that way with almost 600,000 cases. According to the Generalitat’s Treball Department, more than 69,260 companies have resorted to this legal mechanism that the unions have defended to avoid layoffs.

But still there are companies that have opted for alternative routes and try to resist without harming their employees. It is the case of Galicia star. This weekend a letter to employees was leaked to the media in which the company temporarily ruled out the use of ertes. “We have gone through wars, epidemics and an endless number of difficulties throughout our 114 years of history and at least until May 31 we will resist this challenge,” assured its CEO, Ignacio Rivera. Consulted by EL PERIÓDICO, the company insists on that this is an internal statement.

With 1,000 employees and 500 million turnover in 2019, the brewery Coruña is a reference in one of the sectors hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis, that of hospitality. Still, this policy will be maintained in the “immediate future & rdquor; in all the brands of the Hijos de Rivera group. “We will continue to make decisions that protect and encourage all of our employees,” they explain in that letter.

“Show your face & rdquor;

Another family business that has decided to plant is the Catalan Carinsa Group, dedicated to research in the food and cosmetic sector. In addition to rejecting the application of Ertes to its employees, it has also given up taking advantage of the tax advantages already approved by the Government. “It is time for entrepreneurs to show their face,” he explains. Vanesa Martinez, its executive director. “Public aid has to go to health and education, we have to give security to our people”.

After increasing its staff by 20% from January to 180 employees, now half telework while the other continues to go to the center. In addition to establishing protection measures, the company has bought coronavirus tests for everyone and has compensated those workers with extra payments of between 700 and 2,000 euros. Last year the Carinsa Group obtained 10 million euros in Benefits. “We are very lucky, that allows us to last up to two years & rdquor ;, remarks Martínez. “If this year we do not earn as much or have losses nothing happens & rdquor ;.

Small that resist

Other smaller and lesser-known companies do not have as much leeway, but they are also betting on alternative routes of resistance. It is the case of Elèctrica Pintó Y Environmental Domini, two family companies from Santpedor dedicated to the supply, management and maintenance of drinking water and renewable energy services. “Our goal is not to destroy jobs. It took us a long time to build cohesion in the team after the previous crisis, so now we can drop it & rdquor ;, he explains Esteve Painted, CEO of Grupo Aquacenter.

Although other companies in this hydraulic group have chosen to apply ertes, the two mentioned companies discard it. Part of your business is considered essential, something that hasn’t stopped your billing from plummeting. Even asking for financing, they calculate that they will only be able to last 40 days, so they ask the Catalan public administration not to delay their payments for public works contracts and the Spanish public to apply a temporary tax moratorium.

On the other hand, the clothing brand 198 You also choose to protect your employees. Known for having made a republican version of the Spanish soccer team jersey, but especially because the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, Has used some of its garments, this small textile business announced last March 16 that “no & rdquor; ERTE and its workers were given freedom not to go to the workplace.

Meanwhile, among the more than 1.6 million people affected by Ertes there are employees of giants with millionaire annual benefits such as Renault (2.9 billion), Ikea (1.817 million), H&M (1.639 million) or Inditex (3.638 million), which will apply it on April 15. Like other large companies, they could weather the storm with their profits, but they chose to cut the labor rights of their workers. After advertising symbolic donations of medical supplies, yes.



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