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In the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), promoted by the United Nations, the interest of guaranteeing a healthy life and promoting comprehensive well-being for all, at all ages, is reflected in section 3 as a way of contributing to the building prosperous societies. And in that sense, health as an essential right, and at the same time one of the main wishes of people is one of the aspects that most contribute to the enjoyment of a full life.

Framed in this same philosophy and inspired by the needs of families, Compensar was born 42 years ago, precisely with the purpose of caring for and ensuring health, as a legitimate right of people, thus achieving in 1995, consolidating this dream with the constitution of your EPS program. During these years of strengthening, growth and development, there are many challenges overcome, lessons learned and achievements, such as the creation of its Special Complementary Plan, thus expanding the benefits of the Mandatory Health Plan (POS), and providing access to a large network of professionals with greater coverage.

Over time, Compensar EPS has been expanding its presence not only in Bogotá. To date, 46 of its own offices and around 80,000 institutions are part of its service network, opening the doors of well-being to more members.

Alliances have also been part of this history of integral well-being that Compensar EPS began to write 25 years ago, and among the most important are, for example, the one that gave life in 2008 to the Méderi University Hospital, a social commitment integrated by the Order Hospital San Juan de Dios, Universidad del Rosario and Compensar; and also the one that allowed in 2018 the opening of Los Cobos Medical Center by the hand of El Bosque University. One more example of his firm conviction to work in articulated networks, contributing significantly to the improvement of the quality of life of Bogota citizens.

In line with its higher purpose, Compensar EPS managed, being pioneers, to consolidate in 2012 its model of integrated care networks, which already has international recognition thanks to its results.

The beginning of national expansion, recently reaching cities like Tunja, Duitama Sogamoso, Cúcuta, Villavicencio and Barranquilla; The introduction into the market of the Vital Plan, a complementary health plan designed for members with incomes of less than 4 minimum wages, among other notable milestones, have positioned Compensar EPS in the minds and hearts of users, the entity being best rated by Colombians, according to the service satisfaction survey conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2019.

Undoubtedly, the path traveled over these 25 years has allowed us to face the great challenges that 2020 brought with it, one of the most challenging years for the health sector in Colombia. Aware that only with the sum of efforts it is possible to move forward, hand in hand with different allies of the local and national order, the entity continues to implement various actions to meet the needs of its members, both those related to the pandemic and associated with the general health care of their patients.

For this reason, today more than ever, Compensar EPS will continue to articulate efforts and strengthen the provision of services, to continue advancing in the objective of bringing health and well-being to more and more people, writing new chapters of its history, and faithful to its postulate corporate “The best of what we do is for whom we do it”.

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