Compete with Suzuki Jimny? Toyota Group intends to restart the disappearance of the 19-year RV!

In the global craze for safari, coupled with Suzuki Jimny’s off-road fun effect, according to the latest overseas news, the Daihatsu brand of the Toyota Group intends to revive the Rugger off-road SUV, and will give Rugger the latest DNGA platform, which will make a sensation. Rugger is back in the car world again.

In the memory of the 80s and 90s, there were many classic cars that were unforgettable for car fans. The Daihatsu Rugger is one of the best. The Daihatsu Rugger was launched in two generations. The first came out in 1984. When it first came out, it was diversified. With the style of the car, the first generation achieved a good sales reputation.

Daihatsu Rugger is a very classic RV product, and it still remains in the hearts of many car fans to this day.

Reluctantly affected by the changes in the car environment, the second-generation Rugger came to an end in 2002 after 10 years of production. However, overseas news recently pointed out that the original factory seems to intend to restart after the launch of the new Suzuki Jimny. Rugger’s resurrection plan.

The latest overseas news comes out of Rugger's resurrection plan.  〉.
The latest overseas news comes out of Rugger’s resurrection plan. 〉.

It is rumored that Daihatsu Rugger does not use a ladder-shaped chassis structure like Jimny, but uses the brand’s latest DNGA platform. In addition to the three-door version of the car body, it is also possible to launch a more practical five-door version.

Being good at building Daihatsu, it is not difficult to resurrect Rugger. In addition to the support of the Group’s huge chassis technology platform, Daihatsu’s 1.0-liter and other small exhaust turbo engines are very helpful to Rugger’s resurrection. These popular engines are expected to It is the source of power for Rugger.

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