Compulsory vaccination: “The Minister of Health is not at the head of the Ministry of Magic”

While the compulsory vaccination of health workers will come into effect on Friday, the head of the Department of General Medicine at the CIUSSS de l’Estrie is sounding the alarm.

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According to the Dr Benoit Heppell, it will be difficult to ensure adequate care for patients in his region, given the lack of staff.

“I have no hope that what the minister promises us to fill the staff shortages will happen. It seems to come out of the staff out of his pocket. The Minister of Health is not the head of the Ministry of Magic. We are not in Harry Potter, it is not going to bring up nursing staff, ”he said in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

In favor of compulsory vaccination, the doctor would like however to be able to adjust the measure according to the sectors.

“What I expect, already, is that as many people as possible decide to be vaccinated. If possible, I would also like us to be able to modulate the application in certain sectors, to lessen the effects. ”

Letter of Concern

In addition, all department heads co-signed a letter of concern on the same subject sent today to the Director General of the CIUSSS, Stéphane Tremblay.

In addition to their concerns, these professionals would like the CIUSSS to inform the population about what is to come.

In Estrie, about 800 health workers may not be vaccinated by Friday, according to what TVA Nouvelles has learned. More than 100 beds could be closed.


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