Conacep indicates that return to face-to-face classes for 2021 will be voluntary only for students | National

From the National Corporation of Private Schools (Conacep), they indicated that by 2021 the return to face-to-face classes will only remain voluntary for students, since supporters and teachers will be obliged to start activities on March 1.

In the Teachers College, they indicated that the presence It will depend on the Government guaranteeing the sanitary and infrastructure conditions necessary for the return.

Next Wednesday, the advisory council for the reopening of schools will deliver to the Ministry of Education its proposals for 2021After making a diagnosis of what happened this year, where the call to return to face-to-face was not successful in the school system, partially opening just over 900 schools in the country.

However, one of the elements that prevailed during 2020 It was the voluntary nature of the return for both supporters and students, a measure that will be modified for next year.

The president of the Corporación Nacional de Colegios Particulares (Conacep), Hernán Herrera, confirmed that voluntariness will only be kept for students, while supporters and teachers must start activities from March 1.

The next president of the College of Teachers, Carlos Díaz, assured that the teachers will return on the date established by the Ministry of Education, clarifying that the presence remains dependent on the Government to guarantee sanitary and infrastructure conditions for return in 2021.

In addition, the teachers’ union indicated that has not had contact with the Mineduc authorities to see what will happen next year, reiterating his call to the Executive to form a working table with the representatives of the communities.

For Alejandra Arratia, Director of Education 2020 and member of the advisory council, it would be a very good sign that the Ministry of Education set up this instance of work, in order to rebuild trust within the educational communities.

Another point of concern in the College of Teachers is the zero investment that the Government has made in public schools to improve their infrastructure, so that guarantees can be given to comply with security protocols.


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