Concerns in the United States about a new outbreak of the coronavirus

Unbridled progression. In the United States, the first world focus of Covid-19, the new cases are linked in cascade from California to South Carolina. Some 47,000 additional cases have been reported in the past 24 hours and nearly 1,200 have died on Tuesday alone. And this resurgence of the epidemic does not fail to worry the health authorities.

The results are mixed depending on the country. While those on the east coast are experiencing a continuous decline in their cases, Florida, on the other hand, has experienced an increase of + 271% in the last two weeks. The trend is similar in the states of Texas and Georgia, which show + 183% and + 128% respectively of new cases in the last 14 days.

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During a hearing before the US Senate health committee, Dr Anthony Fauci, immunologist responsible for the Covid case, warned of the risk of the virus spreading to other states if measures were not taken quickly. The doctor soon fears the realization of a pessimistic scenario of “100,000 new daily cases”.

Rigorous northern states, lax southern states

The causes of this acceleration remain uncertain. On the one hand, the United States has considerably increased its testing capacity since the start of the epidemic, with an average of 500,000 carried out per day (according to data from the Covid Tracking Project). The better capacity for detecting patients could be an explanation for this outbreak of new cases.

On the other hand, each state has adopted different strategies to manage the crisis: while the northern states have strictly followed health directives, the southern regions have been more lax. In Florida, the video of a woman opposed to wearing the mask during a city council had stirred the debates on social networks.

The rallies and riots linked to the death of George Floyd in the past two weeks have also potentially contributed to increased cases of contamination.

Masks and remdesivir

The Dr Fauci, whose predictions on the dramatic consequences of too rapid deconfinement today seem to materialize, also expressed his dismay at the neglect of wearing a mask and crowds. Questioned by Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, Fauci declared himself in favor of the “Production of high quality masks and their free distribution to the American public”.

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In response to the accelerating epidemic in the country, Donald Trump announced Monday that the U.S. administration has purchased a large portion of the global stockpile of remdesivir, a drug that promotes recovery for Covid-19 patients. An order amounting to 500,000 doses, that is to say almost all of the manufacturer’s production, Gilead, for the period from July to September.

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