Confinement: “We must all show solidarity”, assures Rachida Dati

The former Keeper of the Seals, re-elected in the first round last Sunday in his stronghold in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, watched at home Emmanuel Macron’s speech this Monday evening, and his announcements of new measures to try to combat the coronavirus epidemic in France. With 22.72% of the vote, candidate LR is outdistanced by outgoing Anne Hidalgo in perspective of the second round.

What is your feeling on the performance of the President of the Republic?

RACHIDA DATI. This intervention was awaited by all the French and the nursing staff, rescue workers, carers and families. Clarity and decisions were expected to contain the virus. Now, you have to show civility, solidarity and protect yourself to protect others

But shouldn’t this fifteen-day containment decision have been taken as early as Thursday evening?

This is not the time for controversy. I spent my day in my borough, on the ground to meet the most vulnerable people, to see if they lacked nothing, but also to reassure them. It was necessary to make this decision to fight the epidemic even if I saw butchery taken by assault, and panic in some.

The second round of municipal elections is postponed. Do you know when it will take place?

I had Christian Jacob who told me about June 21. Now, with this postponement, things are clear and transparent.

Shouldn’t we postpone the first round too?

We couldn’t leave people in anguish. After the President’s speech on Thursday evening and that of the Prime Minister on Saturday evening, the French were very stressed. Today, with the measures taken, we will be able to find serenity.

VIDEO. Coronavirus. Macron: “We are at war” (full speech)

Finally this extra time will allow you to redo campaign in Paris?

Today, I was not in the campaign and I did not speak of a second round. The important thing is to think of families and caregivers. It is also my role as elected representative to do this work of proximity and appeasement. We must be united and think about the health of the French.

You line up behind Emmanuel Macron …

Behind the caregivers! We talk a lot about barrier gestures but we are the first barriers. We must be able to relieve hospital staff psychologically by doing our best. So yes, it is a good decision. for the safety of the French. The virus is everywhere in France and we must all be united.

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