confirm new changes; there will be no more immunity pins

The 2021 season of ‘Masterchef‘continues to generate a lot of impact on the different social networks because it is one of the most watched programs in Colombia. However, it has also received much criticism for the conflicts that have arisen.

What are the changes that ‘Masterchef’ will have?

Faced with so much controversy and clashes between the participants, the Competition production decided to make several changes and in the final stretch of the competition there will be no immunity pins, which prevented celebrities from going to the elimination challenge.

“Good that there is no immunity pin. We should all carry the same cross, “said Viña Machado, while Frank Martínez said:” I never saw them, I will never see them and they are gone. “

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The show, which airs every weekend, He pointed out that the contestants from now on are prohibited from borrowing the different ingredients during the challenges. Also, they cannot help themselves.

After Catalina Maya complained about the final edit, the RCN Channel He would also have made the decision to make some modifications to the remaining chapters of the cooking contest, in order to avoid further claims from the participants.

Is RCN’s ‘Masterchef’ bookmarked?

Jorge Rausch, jury of the RCN Channel program, He stated in an interview with Pulzo that the contest is not bookmarked. However, he emphasized that “there is a part that is structured”, like all the procedures before the tests.


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