Consumption: Confesercenti, in 6 months -1.900 euro, Phase3 is not enough – Economy

The restart is not enough to recover the consumption lost for the coronavirus emergency. Despite the reopening of businesses from May, the balance sheet for the first six months of the year still remains strongly negative, with an average drop in expenditure estimated at -1,879 euros per family.
This is what emerges from the calculations conducted by Confesercenti.
The drop in spending is mainly due to the stop of activities during the acute phase of the pandemic, but also to the prudence shown by families in the recovery period. If before the crisis the average saving was 8 euros per 100, now we have reached 11, with a consequent increase in savings: in 2020 the Italians accumulated 32 billion more bank deposits (+ 20%) than in 2019, driven from the situation of uncertainty.


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