Containment: in the Côtes-d’Armor, the drink dispensers at half mast

They are the forgotten of the two confinements. “We have remained rather discreet until then, but our activity is linked to that of hotels, restaurants, bistros and businesses”, explain Hervé and Antoine Cozigou, of the company of the same name. Based in Plouisy (Côtes-d’Armor), this family company founded in the 1960s sells and supplies a large number of establishments in the West… Except that today it is literally unemployed. “Of our 500 employees, between 90 and 95% are on partial unemployment”.

At headquarters, barrels, pallets of all kinds of drinks are in the warehouse and even the parking lots – as in their six other sites. Trucks no longer travel the roads. “It’s a 98% drop in our sales; the remaining 2%, currently, are for structures such as hospitals and nursing homes, ”slips the CEO, Antoine Cozigou. The leader assesses a “loss of 50% of the figure in 2020, a real blow to the entire sector which supplies thousands of jobs in Brittany”. “We foresee a significant impact in the years to come,” he adds. We have, like many, benefited from the loan guaranteed by the State but it will be very difficult to repay over time. “

But the company intends to “not let go of its employees” and tries to see “at best” the future. “Given the context, it will be necessary anyway to succeed in one way or another to be more flexible”, assure the managers, worried, who today call for help from the public authorities.

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