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COVID-19: only adolescents with comorbidities will be vaccinated this Monday, August 30 in Lima and Callao | The Minsa reported that this Monday Only adolescents with comorbidities that require their second dose will be vaccinated (in Lima and Callao), so other people who were scheduled on Monday 30 must do it from Tuesday 31

Among other statements by Minister Cevallos:

“The fact of vaccinating teachers is a key issue to begin to approach a better normality. Provisions have been made, we are coordinating with the Ministry of Education so that soon we can restart face-to-face classes on a scheduled basis, and with the respective care and technical elements “ declared Cevallos, head of the Health sector

“I want to announce that as of Friday of this week, the country begins to vaccinate all teachers, rural and city, throughout the country.” Minister Cevallos expressed.

COVID-19: vaccination of teachers from all over Peru will begin on Friday, September 3 | Minister Cevallos, from Piura, explained that said vaccinations include teachers from urban and rural areas, which is why the due coordination with the Ministry of Education is being carried out | He emphasized that the vaccination of teachers puts the resumption of face-to-face classes on the table for discussion, although he did not specify the date

The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos stressed that the objective of immunizing in August more than 8 million people with the two doses. Three weeks ago only 4 million 900 thousand people were fully immunized | It was also reported that the arrival of more than 12 million doses against COVID-19 for September

“In this vaccination, expectations have long been exceeded because, since the set of figures for the 18 regions have not yet arrived, the goal was to reach 600 thousand vaccinated people and we have, at this moment, in the count of the Ministry of Health 757,000 vaccinated people throughout the country ”declared Minister Cevallos

Sixth vaccine against COVID-19 managed to immunize more than 757 thousand people | Minister Hernando Cevallos indicated that the established goal of 600 thousand applied doses was exceeded | The number is expected to increase as reports come in from the other regions that participated in the vaccination.

What is the balance so far in the vaccination process? The more than 4.5 million doses applied between August 1 and 28 are equivalent to 80% of what was achieved in July, with a difference of 1.2 million compared to that month, when the greatest advance in vaccination was recorded. | The most applied vaccine in August was Sinopharm | Read here our study, data and progress of the vaccination process

As a result, the vaccination carried out in Lima and 18 other regions managed to apply 757,894 doses:

The Vice Minister of Health, Gustavo Rosell declared about the arrival of new batches and the current vaccination process: “In September the arrival of doses will accelerate, which will allow us to lower the age range for vaccination throughout the country”

New batch of million vaccines arrive in Peru | The arrival of the last shipment in August was inspected by Vice Ministers Gustavo Rosell, of Public Health, and Bernardo Ostos, of Benefits and Health Insurance | The lot landed at the Jorge Chavez Airport, where it will be transferred to make the necessary deliveries to its assigned destinations.

Updated number of doses applied:

Curfew in Lima and Callao: know the social immobilization schedule until September 5 | Know the restrictions, fines and details of the curfew, in our note

This coordination with the leaders of the native communities was through intercultural dialogues in Health, to inform them of the need to be immunized against the threat posed by COVID-19 | The brigadistas invited, in Ticuna language and Spanish, to the community members of Chería (from 18 years old) to get vaccinated | The goal is to vaccinate 14 native communities | read our note here

Vaccine against COVID-19: they immunize a native community on the border of Peru with Brazil and Colombia | A vaccination brigade against COVID-19 arrived in the native community of Chineria (Loreto), on the triple border between Peru, Brazil and Colombia, and immunized citizens | The brigade belongs to the Medical Center of the island of Santa Rosa de Yavarí, de la Diresa – Loreto, who previously coordinated with the native leaders or apus

Impact of the coronavirus: What do the lungs of a vaccinated and an unvaccinated patient look like? | When you become infected with SARS-CoV-2 and it evolves into a severe picture of respiratory failure, the infection causes your lungs to fill the alveoli with fluids, to the point of inflaming them. | This inflammation causes a lack of oxygen and is called pneumonia. If it is caused by the coronavirus, it is usually more severe than usual | Doctors call it atypical pneumonia and detect it through an X-ray or CT scan | We have made a comparative report of the state of the lungs, check our note to know the result

Restrictions for this Sunday, August 29 in Lima and Callao | The Government extended the validity of the restrictive measures until September 5 | Which indicate that in Lima and Callao the curfew begins at 12 am (midnight) and ends at 4 am the next day | In addition, there is no restriction on the use of private cars on Sundays | Interprovincial transport in Lima and Callao will operate without restrictions in the same way | For more information, read our note

The Minsa reports that it reached the goal of inoculating 8,000,000 people with both doses of the vaccine:



On Tuesday, August 31, immunization of people aged 34 and 35 would begin in Lima and Callao | This was announced by the Vice Minister of Public Health, Gustavo Rosell, during the inauguration of the sixth vaccination.

Delta variant: Madre de Dios reports the first case in a 23-year-old girl | The Regional Government of Madre de Dios reported on the first confirmed case of the Delta variant in the region | After identifying the case, the authorities applied the epidemiological fence. “The patient is in a period of isolation” detailed the GORE | More information in our note .

COVID-19: Minister of Health confirms 199 cases of the Delta variant in Peru | The Health Minister pointed out how the variant spread increasingly. Although the numbers have fallen, they are only a false sense of security in the face of a possible third wave | In addition, Cevallos declared: “We had 40 cases of Delta, we went to 44, 74 and now we have 199 cases in the country” | Learn more details in our note .

Hernando Cevallos, Minister of Health, declared: “International experience indicates that when this situation occurs (of false security or calm), we could already be starting a third wave” | Read our note for more information.

Updated report from the Minsa on the effects of COVID-19. Indicates number of cases detected, hospitalizations and deaths, among others:


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