“Continuing education for 10,000 refugees every year”

Düsseldorf When Anne Kjær Bathel spoke to people in refugee shelters in autumn 2015, many of them had one wish above all: to work. At the same time, she is very well networked in the IT scene – and knows the need of many companies to find IT specialists.

Then she thought: Something can be done with it – and founded the ReDI School of Digital Integration in Berlin and Munich in 2015, where refugees are trained to become IT specialists.

For this, she now has support from many prominent companies and foundations, including the software group Microsoft and the network giant Cisco. Bathel explains in the podcast Handelsblatt Disrupt what careers this creates and how she wants to train 10,000 people a year in a few years.

This was followed by a conversation with Handelsblatt correspondent Dana Heide in Beijing about the Corona app chaos in China.

And in the end, the head of the machine room initiative, Tobias Rappers, explains how he brings SMEs and family businesses together to help them through the digital transformation.

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