Controversial US MPs: Showdown for Republican Greene

Status: 04.02.2021 10:26 a.m.

She wishes Nancy Pelosi dead, wants to bring her pistol to Congress and is a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory. Now the Democrats want to ban Republican MP Greene from all committees.

From Arthur Landwehr,
ARD-Studio Washington

It’s going to be quite a showdown in the newly elected House of Representatives: Today, the Democrats want their majority to ban Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from all committees. “We’ve never had a hearing like this. Because we’ve never had a MEP like this,” says Regulatory Committee Chairman James McGovern.

Arthur Landwehr
ARD-Studio Washington

Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia has just been elected and has already attracted attention because she wants to bring her pistol into parliament and rejects metal detectors. The House spokeswoman, Nancy Pelosi, is upset: “We need more protection for the MPs when the enemy is in our own ranks,” she says and is concerned herself. Because Taylor Greene had demanded at an election rally for Pelosi to be executed: “High treason is punishable by death, and Nancy Pelosi is guilty of high treason,” she said to the cheers of her supporters.

Supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory

Greene openly professes the QAnon conspiracy theory. Thereafter, Donald Trump was fought by a secret alliance of bureaucrats from a so-called “deep state” and Satanists who run a ring for child pornography.

She denigrates the victims of rampages and believes that these were orchestrated by opponents of arms in order to tighten gun laws. After the death of 61 people who had been shot at an open air concert in Las Vegas, she speculated whether there might not be a larger motive behind it that had to do with the constitutional right to arms.

Double dilemma for the Republicans

The Republicans are in a double bind. Greene has the support of Trump, and they still fear his constituents. Many also see reprimanding Greene as a political defeat. But many in the Republican ranks also recognize that their reputation is at stake. “I find the remarks by MP Greene deeply insulting. But what the majority group wants to do now has nothing to do with it,” said Republican Tom Cole, explaining the party’s narrative. And his colleague Jackie Walorski accuses the Democrats of making the ethics committee a political weapon.

The group had deliberated in a session behind closed doors, and apparently several had also called for the party to take action, reprimand Greene and take her at least one committee seat. It was decided not to do anything and let the Democrats do the work.

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