Cool first spoke about experiences

The composer rarely talks about his emotions.

The composer, the permanent organizer of the “New Wave” Igor Krutoy for the first time revealed his personal experiences after the end of the event.

The other day a secular party that united the old and young guard of stars came to an end. All Russian celebrities went about their business.

For the first time in a long time, Krutoy, known for his restraint, also shared his impressions. So, on his personal page on Instagram, the composer confessed that he does not yet understand how to live on.

“The New Wave – 2021 ended, and suddenly there was complete devastation inside, joy that everything was successfully completed, and sadness that this cannot be repeated,” he said.

Numerous artists were completely delighted with the event. A few days after it, they actively shared pictures on their Instagram pages.

Photo source: Legion-media

Alina Krylova

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