Corona: BAG boss sees trend reversal – watson

The director of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), Anne Lévy, sees improvements in the coronavirus situation in Switzerland. “It looks like a trend reversal,” she said in one Interview with the “SonntagsBlick”.

“I am confident that we are going in the right direction at the moment,” she continued. Lévy denies that Switzerland was insufficiently prepared for the second wave of coronavirus. But she admits that nobody expected the numbers to rise so quickly. “No matter how well you prepare, in the end you are not ready for everything,” she explained. The health officer is worried, however, that many citizens are apparently test-tired. “I’m afraid most of them wait too long and hope that it is not Corona and that it will pass,” she said.

Lévy also appealed to the population: “Get tested if you have symptoms.” With regard to a coronavirus vaccination, she also did not rule out an obligation. “Depending on the situation, it can make sense to be compulsory in special situations,” she explained. Based on the Epidemic Act, the federal government or the cantons could decide that certain functions may only be performed by vaccinated people, it said in this regard.

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