Entertainment Corona crisis hits German emigrants - it only works...

Corona crisis hits German emigrants – it only works with the webcam girls


Actually, they only embarked on this special career path in order to finally become debt-free. But now the job of German emigrants Janina and Lisa Deijs seems to be paying off. Mother and daughter both earn their money in the Spanish town of Benidorm as webcam girls. That means they get money from an agency to flirt with men in video chats.

Emigrants feel the consequences of the corona crisis

Just last week, the consequences of the corona crisis on tourism in Mallorca and elsewhere were addressed in a special episode of “Goodbye Germany”. Almost all German holidaymakers on the popular holiday island are feeling the crisis. The broadcast included bodybuilders and fitness club operators Andreas and Caro Robens. The two had to close their studio. They use the time to renovate and thus attract new customers after opening the premises and possibly reduce the rent.

Gastronomy peggy Jerofke meanwhile expressed the hope of being able to resume operations in June. She and her partner Steff Jerkel are also worried about their existence.

Only the webcam girls are in demand

Janina and her daughter Lisa Deijs can look forward to their unconventional career. According to their own information, they earned around 400 euros a day before the crisis. Now it is even significantly more – and the work is by no means unpleasant. “The people who are now in quarantine are just coming to the webcam for a coffee and a piece of cake,” they say.

Out of necessity, mother Janina had started the job on the webcam. At the beginning, she was bothered that her daughter now also earns her money. “You don’t necessarily want that for your child. But you also want your child to be happy,” she said in a previous show.

At the moment, the two may even consider themselves lucky – they don’t need to be afraid of existence right now.

source: TV Now



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