Corona: tough decree in Austria – no unemployment benefits for vaccinators! – Politics abroad

Austria’s Minister of Labor Martin Kocher (48) will cut unemployment benefits for those who refuse to be vaccinated!

More and more employers in Austria are demanding a corona vaccination from new employees – although there is no general obligation to vaccinate. This now also affects the unemployed.

Foto: picture alliance / HELMUT FOHRINGER / APA /

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Austria’s Minister of Labor Martin Kocher takes action on the subject of corona vaccinationFoto: picture alliance / HELMUT FOHRINGER / APA /

Because: If you refuse an application or refuse a job because a vaccination is mandatory, unemployment benefits can be withdrawn for up to six weeks. The Austrian Minister of Labor, Kocher, ordered this to happen.

However, the unemployment office does not actively inquire about the vaccination status of job seekers. Unemployment benefit is only blocked if an employer reports why the job was rejected.

Unlike in Germany, there is still a prioritization of certain population groups in Austria when it comes to vaccination. In the meantime, 59.58 percent of the citizens in Austria have complete vaccination protection. After all, 63 percent of the total population have received at least one corona vaccination. (As of September 15, 2021) For comparison: In Germany, 62.7 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.


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