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Corona virus: Spahn does not rule out global pandemic – domestic politics


Berlin – The Corona Virus Spreads Further! As of Friday: 64,447 infected people worldwide, 1,384 dead, almost all of them in China. In Germany, the number of infections is 16 – those affected are isolated in quarantine.

Can the regional epidemic in China become a global pandemic that also affects Germany?

According to Health Minister Jens Spahn (39, CDU), this is not yet foreseeable. “It could also get worse before it gets better,” says Spahn. Only one thing is clear: “The peak has not yet been reached in China.”

And what is Europe doing?

The minister said: “We are preparing for everything and at the same time are working hard to ensure that it does not happen.” Spahn’s Federal Ministry of Health assures that Germany is “best prepared” in the event of an emergency. Ensure u. a. Disease alarm plans or the national pandemic plan of the federal and state governments.

It regulates what to do when a worldwide disease breaks out:

► Where do I have to go if I suspect I am infected?

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World News :

► How must the doctor, the hospital, the health department and the employer react?
► Must a quarantine be set up?
► How is the data about the infection recorded?

► How can vaccine (e.g. for influenza) be made and made available as quickly as possible?
► Under what conditions do schools and daycare centers have to be closed and major events banned?

Spahn decided on the first emergency measures at a special meeting with his EU counterparts in Brussels on Thursday: Anyone flying from China to the EU, for example, can now be interviewed at the airport.

And: Pilots from China direct flights have to inform the tower about the health of their passengers before landing in Germany.

But: fever measurement at airports makes no sense, emphasizes Spahn. The federal government promised its ministry 23 million euros to combat corona.



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