Coronavirus: 4 to 10 times more unvaccinated among new infections

Corona Commissioner Pedro Facon, responsible for coordinating the Belgian response to the epidemic, revealed this Friday morning the conclusions of the first official Belgian report.

Between October 4 and 17, among those under 65 and depending on the region, there were four to 10 times more unvaccinated people than vaccinated among the new Covid 19 contaminations, according to data shared Friday by Pedro Facon, Commissioner Corona. “There is clearly a difference in incidence between vaccinated and unvaccinated”, he clarified.

This ratio varies by region and age group. Pedro Facon also presented data on 1,000 new hospitalizations which were broken down by patient immunization status, region and age group by the Risk Assessment Group (RAG), between October 12 and 18. Again, there are more unvaccinated than vaccinated people among hospitalized patients.

There are cases of vaccinated in hospitals, although the risk of hospitalization when vaccinated is much lower

Among 18-64 year olds, the difference factor “can go up to 10”. This is the case in Flanders, with 10.8 times more unvaccinated than vaccinated among those hospitalized for Covid-19 over this period. “There are cases of vaccinated in hospitals, although the risk of hospitalization when vaccinated is much lower”, underlined Commissioner Corona.

Between October 10 and 16, the number of infections doubled, “but thanks to vaccination”, hospitalizations are not expected to increase as much as last year, says Pedro Facon. “Doubling the number of infections will lead to an increase of about 35% in the number of hospitalizations.” However, before the vaccination, during the second wave which started in October 2020, and before the arrival of the Delta variant, “the increase was 53% “, he advanced.

Currently, there are 17,000 primary vaccinations per week, he added. “It’s very good, we must continue!” Commissioner Corona has finally listed his tips for a fall and a winter “safe”: “get vaccinated and answer the invitation for the booster dose (…) and if you feel sick: stay home!”, he insisted. Indeed, according to him, we observe a “somewhat negative behavior in Belgium” where when you are sick, “We tell ourselves that we still have to go to work or school. But staying at home is the best protection for others.”

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